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This Forum / old forum posts seemingly removed?
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:34:21 PM »
A few years back, some of us ran a bunch of Werewolf games, which were tremendous fun for a while.

On a lark I went to poke through them again, and noticed that some of the messages in these threads appear to have been removed.  The post remains, but its content is simply gone.  I noticed a few scattered through, but consistently the long rules bit is missing from all of those werewolf posts.

Here's the first one that we ran:,3046.0.html

Its got the roles, but there was a long bit about rules and how the game worked that is missing.

It doesn't really impact anything now, but I'm mighty curious as to why these got killed.  I'm not aware of copyright info or anything.

Anyone know?


Helpline / did I get wiped?
« on: October 21, 2016, 05:25:56 AM »
Hi folks!  It's been ages.

I tried to login to the game this evening and the email/password combo in my password manager didn't work.  Strange.

Tried the password reset, and it does't recognize my real name or my email address.  I'm 99% sure that I'm using the correct email.

Do accounts purge after a certain period?  I think I'd activated for a bit within the last year or so.


Other Games / Dwarf Fortress! Strike the earth!!!
« on: July 08, 2014, 05:00:43 PM »
Yesterday verion 0.40 of Dwarf Fortress was released.  Two long years since the last release!

The site is being hit pretty hard currently, so you might get web errors.  Keep trying.

Other Games / Rome Total War 2?
« on: September 09, 2013, 09:07:10 PM »
I bought Rome Total War 2, but I haven't had a chance to fire it up yet, on account of having the Hearts of Iron 3 bug again.

Anyone playing it?  Any good?

Helpline / strong or weak government positions?
« on: June 09, 2013, 05:38:47 PM »
When the ruler makes changes to the government, does he/she simply choose "strong" or "weak" for each post, or is it more granular than that?

What are the difference in strong and weak government posts?  (I've got a Banker character who was just switched from "strong" to "weak", and I haven't noticed any differences in game mechanic options)

BM General Discussion / IC signatures
« on: May 23, 2013, 04:43:20 AM »
Let's talk IC signatures.

I've seen a few out there - a character who always signs letters a certain way.

What have you seen that seemed especially appropriate or well role played?  What have you seen that seemed ridiculous or not well suited to the character?

Title: Public Debate

Summary: Swordfighters have Duels with which to dispatch their detractors.  How about a Public Debate feature using the Oratory skill?

Details: Just as Duels have a place in medieval history, so too does public debate.  From a code perspective, some of it could be nearly copy/pasted from Dueling, I imagine.  The participants could pick how they'll go about 'attack' or 'defense' in the debate.  Clearly one is unlikely to be killed or wounded in a debate, but it could certainly have an impact on someone's honour or prestige!

Benefits:  Provides an alternative to dueling, giving players more options when it comes to their enemies and foes.

Possible Exploits:  None spring to mind.

Other Games / Europa Universalis III: Chronicles
« on: January 22, 2013, 08:11:43 PM »
I have a key for EU3 Chronicles.   I'll be happy to give it to a deserving person who's interested.  PM me or post.   (serious interest, please.  I don't wanna give it to someone who'll just 'demo' it then never touch it)

Other Games / Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
« on: October 18, 2012, 07:38:21 PM »
Have you guys seen this game?   Wow!   Totally put this on my games wishlist!

General Talk / Medievia
« on: September 21, 2012, 05:07:15 AM »
Ho-ly crap.

Anyone else play the MUD called Medievia back in the day?

Here's some enjoyable reading:

Other Games / [Forum Game] Werewolf III: A Perilous Voyage
« on: August 24, 2012, 10:06:04 PM »
Werewolf III:   A Perilous Voyage

The harbor of Calis is busy year round, with merchants and traders coming or going, or vessels with passengers leaving for continents across the oceans. 

A large trunk is lowered by ropes into the hold of the “Swift Gull”, a sleek ocean-going vessel.  The sailors busy themselves in preparation for sailing, but each wonders what might be in the trunk that has been shrouded in secrecy - the captain refuses to speak of it, but got paid quite well for its transport.  The rest of the cargo is loaded, and the vessel is soon off, navigating the harbor and out to the ocean.  The sails snap as a strong wind fills them, driving the ship toward its destination, ahead of the squall that threatens on the horizon. 

A few of the sailors consider mutiny and taking the mysterious trunk and the payment for themselves.  Below decks, a red candle flickers in the darkness, casting eerie shadows over a small wooden idol of a daimon.

Other Games / Werewolf Forum Game, General Discussion
« on: August 23, 2012, 09:55:16 PM »
This thread is for discussion of the 'Werewolf' game/games.   Players, don't reveal information that you shouldn't.

Previous games:

Werewolf I: A Teeeensy Bit of Murder  Werewolf victory (Velax, Sonya)
Werewolf II: Assassins: Murder in Masahakon Villager(Diplomat) victory (Ross, Penchant, Barek and Cren)
Werewolf III: A Perilous Voyage  In Progress

Other Games / [Forum Game] Werewolf: A Teeeensy Bit of Murder
« on: August 21, 2012, 04:57:08 AM »
The Rules

Werewolf is a game of paranoia, deception and betrayal. Hidden amongst the innocent, ignorant villagers are small Packs of Werewolves looking to eat them. The villagers outnumber the Werewolves, but they don't know who to trust. Meanwhile, the Werewolves know their fellow Pack members and can work together to even the odds. The Werewolves want to kill enough villagers so that they can reach parity and overthrow the village openly; the villagers want to destroy the Werewolf menace by uncovering their secret identities.

If that wasn't a dire enough situation for the village, even amongst the villagers there are Cultists looking to help their Werewolf masters and people Cursed to become Werewolves if attacked. Fortunately the village has the aid of the Seers, who can find the true allegiance of the villagers, and of the Doctors and Guardian Angels, who might be able to protect them. These players must hide their identity just as much as the Werewolves must, as they are the greatest threat to the forces of evil and will surely be killed if revealed.

It may seem like a simple Villager is powerless in this clash of good and evil, but they are not. Every day the village gets to choose one person to lynch, as punishment for the nightly murder. The village must vote to choose the person they think most likely to be responsible. With their vote, the Villager can reveal much about the motives of others. But they must be cunning, or more than a little lucky, if they are to survive.

Standard Big Rules

All roles will be handed out after the last person signs up, with all players receiving a PM containing their role and (known) traits. The game will then proceed to a night deadline.

The game is divided into two periods - night and day. For practical reasons these two periods are run concurrently, from one update till the next. Each update is 24 hours apart.

Each day, all players vote to lynch one of the players - the person they think is most likely to be a Werewolf or other baddie. Each night, the Werewolves decide who to kill. In each 24 hour period, the village will lynch, and the Werewolves will hunt. The villagers can try to lynch multiple people by creating a glorious, Lemeard-approved tie, and the Werewolves can also decide not to hunt anyone at all at night. Beware of Crovaxian slips as well!

There are also other things that go bump in the night. The order these will be resolved in is as follows:
1. Lover
2. Wizard
3. Seer
4. Hunter
5. Guardian Angel
6. Werewolf
7. Witness

Werewolves will be divided into one or more Packs, with one Pack hunting each night. The order the Packs hunt in will be known only to them.

The Werewolves  win if they  manage to reach parity with the rest of the village.
The Villagers, Seer, Guardian Angel  win if they manage to destroy all the werewolves.

Standard Werewolf Rules

§1A. - You sign up to the game by requesting so in a post in this thread.
§1B. - No new players will be admitted after the game has started, except to substitute for another player.
§1C. - You may at any time be substituted out by requesting so in the thread.
§1D. - Failure to vote on two occasions will lead to immediate substitution.

§2A. – Players will vote daily. See Rule 1D.
§2B. – Invalid votes (Voting for Game Moderator/Ghosts) will not be accepted and be considered to be in violation of Rule 2A.
§2C. – In the event of a tie all tied players will be executed.
§2D. - The player(s) with the majority of votes at deadline are considered dead. They will not reveal any inside information after the deadline. The presumed dead player(s) should post in purple text until their true role is confirmed.

§3A. - Orders and votes submitted after deadline are ignored.
§3B. - Orders (scans, hunts, et cetera) are sent to the Game Moderator via PM.
§3C. - Players are responsible for any Private Messages missed due to inbox being full.

§4A. - Spectators and ghosts may comment, but never suggest a course of action, reveal any new information, including vote counts, or discuss any details of their former character, in the case of ghosts. Preferably spectators will comment only in a manner tangential to the actual game.  This rule is super duper important, and if you break it, terrible and awful things will happen to you!
§4B. - When doing ghost/spectator commentary, please use a non-white colour.

§5. - Alliances and Feuds which aren't based on your characters or roles in the game between players are forbidden. Alliances and Feuds which continue from one game to another undermine the whole idea of the game.

§6A. – The Game Moderator has the last word on all matters.
§6B. – If the Game Moderator makes a mistake (e.g. with the vote count, hunt/scan orders), if critical information has been revealed, the mistake will be kept.

§7A. – Forging PMs is allowed. Screenshots of PMs is not.
§7B. - Posting or quoting of PMs from the GM is not allowed - real or forged.

§8A. – Voting must be done in the following way. Write "VOTE" and the person you are voting for in bold text.
§8B. - If you wish to un-vote someone, write "UNVOTE" and their name in bold text.
§8C. - In case of re-voting without un-voting the original vote will be the counted vote.
§8D. - Do not edit votes after posting them. If you make a mistake, unvote and revote in a new post.
§8E. - Votes should be oversized or clear of other text to ensure they are not missed by the GM.

§9. - The GM can and will remove players if the GM believes that player is adversely affecting the game, for example through failure to fulfill voting obligations or deliberate violation of the rules. This will be done through the use of killing the player's role, or using substitutes, if they are available. All such decisions are made solely at the discretion of the GM.

§10. - Failure to vote on 2 occasions without prior notice will result in automatic substitution. If no substitution have been found 6 hours before deadline, the player will be autolynched at next deadline.

§11 - Most games will start with one player dying on the very first night, without even having gotten to vote and such.  It sucks to get killed off first, but its part of the game.  On the upside, the first player killed automatically gets 1st dibs on Substitution, no matter who else has signed up for Subs.


The deadline of this game is 21:00 GMT+2 ( <- Forum Time.  That's 3PM US Eastern Time)
Votes and orders made on 20:59 will count, while those made on 21:00 WILL NOT.

The Roles

Except for Villager and Werewolf, all other Roles MAY, not will, be in the game

Villager:  The simplest role, a villager knows nothing for sure, but can use the power of his vote to help lynch others.

Werewolf: A sinister, evil player who, along with his partners, try to eliminate all the good players. Each night, the werewolves hunt a player.

Seer:  Can scan one person each night to check to see whether he is a werewolf, warlock, or villager.

Guardian Angel: May choose to protect one person against Werewolf attack every night, but can't choose to protect the same person two nights in a row and can never protect themselves.

(lots more roles and traits, but we'll keep things simple for this game)


1. Do I have to roleplay?   Nope.  Its fun and helpful to, but its not required.  Some players don't really roleplay at all, and instead simply post votes and accusations, and that's okay too.
2.  What do I post?/I don't understand!   You can post anything you like, really.  You don't even need to distinguish IC or OOC.  Typically villagers will post accusations.  "I think jerm did it, just because!"  or "I think jerm did it, because last turn he voted against the guy who turned out to be a werewolf!"  Accusations work better when you can back them up with some reason that you think the person is a werewolf.  Trash talking is allowed encouraged. 
3.  I'm a werewolf.  What do I do?  You pretend to be a villager, but you also conspire with your other werewolves to determine which innocent villager to kill.  The werewolves must all agree on a target, but can use whatever means they like for selection.  Meanwhile, be sure to steer suspicion away from yourself, so you don't get lynched!
4.  I'm a seer!  Great.  You can try to figure out who is a werewolf.  Communicate wisely though.  If you post "Hey I'm the seer!!", you might find a pack of werewolves visiting you that very night.
5.  I'm still confused/I don't know who to vote for  Either watch other players in action and see how they're doing it, or jump right in  yourself.  This game is both deadly serious, and quite comical, where people will accuse others for the slightest and most vague of clues, or just in retaliation for voting against them!  The first round of voting is difficult, as the only way to try to tell who's a werewolf and who's not is to listen to what people are saying.  In later turns you can try to identify patterns, or look for groups that vote together, or people who changed their votes to keep a werewolf from being lynched.
6.  Are villager votes private or do they go in the main thread?  Very definitely public!  In fact, villagers are discouraged from using PMs.  (and are reminded that if someone PMs you to share information, they might be misleading you!)  Villagers should post all of their accusation, votes, and so forth in the thread for all to see.
7.  Do werewolves vote with the villagers? You bet your sweet ass they do.  Werewolves want to do everything they can to keep the naive villagers from suspecting that they're werewolves.  If the villagers think you're a werewolf, they'll vote to lynch you!  So a werewolf's job is not only to kill villagers, but also to convince the villagers that they're actual innocent villagers as well!
8.  WTF!  I got hunted on the first night!  This game sucks!!  Yeah, sorry about that.  But the villagers won't start the lynchin' till someone gets killed!  It stinks to get picked off first, but its part of the game.  See rule §11 above.  And be sure to hang out and spectate/commentate!
9.  Aw man, I'm just a villager.  We can't all be werewolves.  Have fun being a villager.  Root out the evildoers!  Try not to be confused for a werewolf and lynched by your fellow villagers!

Game completed

Suppose you have a game in which the players are landed nobles - Barons.  They have land, serfs, soldiers, etc.  When the game begins, the players are all on relatively equal footing.

Suppose there is a mechanic that allows players to swear fealty to one another, and if two players swear fealty to a third, then the third is no longer a mere Baron, but a Count.  And if a Count swears fealty to a second Count, then the second becomes a Duke, and so on.

So in the scenario that I've outlined, I'm curious how it would work out "in the wild".  If my goal was to see a hierarchy form, I suspect that I would instead find that players would go to war seeking vassals, and that the loser would either stubbornly refuse to click the "swear fealty" button, or would simply ragequit.

What's funny is how it relates to the Perception of Power.   No one wants to submit to someone who's presumably of equal power, but if a "King" comes along, its an easier pill to swallow, swearing fealty.

(Battlemaster is of course full of awesome players who are humble and clever, and often willing to be vassal to another.  Just to go ahead and address that before someone cleverly points it out)

So - organic creation of hierarchy in a game environment.   What do you think?  In the world of gamers today, is this a recipe for failure?

Feature Requests / Infiltrator message interception
« on: January 05, 2012, 03:34:38 PM »

A clickable ability for infiltrators to intercept messages going to or from nobles in the region where the infil is located.

Would have a cost in gold for bribes and time for doing the leg work.  Then the infil would have a small chance of intercepting messages coming or going in the region.   Not intended to provide 100% of messages, quite the opposite, a small chance.

There should be a chance of being caught and imprisoned.

Perhaps it should only be possible in realms other than the infiltrators home realm.

Perhaps the infil could choose to spy on the message post for the entire region, or to just spy on one particular noble in the region.

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