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BM General Discussion / Re: Entrenched families in same realm
« on: August 01, 2011, 10:00:58 PM »
I'm by no means a new player and I'm certainly no old player. In about two weeks I'll have been around for a year. I've got three characters, all on separate continents, Beluaterra - Far East - Dwilight. None of whom have ever even been on the same continent. Now there have been parts of me that thought I should create a new character within a realm I first came to join, which as Arcaea. If for no other reason than to simplify the fact that I currently have to remember the names of damn near fifteen to twenty realms and a whole list of nobles from each realm on each continent.  :P

But you see I don't want to. I like the fact that my three characters, on all three different continents, are embroiled in a war. Only one, as of right now, I even come close to fully understanding, Arcaea vs. Arcachon & GA. But it's the fact that each has their own agendas and different people to interact with that makes each experience unique. And although I'm sure my braincells would applaud my efforts in restraining their use in the memorization of how to properly spell Arcachon or Caerwyn or Hemaglobe, it's the differences that count and I'm glad for them.  ;D

I mean who'd want to sit in one realm, and only one, when there's so many battles to master. 8)

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