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What are the requirements needed for a character to be appointed as lord or to a government position? I am thinking in terms of honor, prestige, and days in the realm.

I am worried that I won't be eligible.

Helpline / Optimal character skills training methodology
« on: September 17, 2015, 07:33:38 PM »
Does anyone have any advice or has a guide been written at some point to aid with the optimal training of character skills at an academy? This should address both optimization of "hours" and gold. I assume the two would have different approaches. Also, at what point do each of the trainers in the academy become ineffective or suboptimal. (Note those are different things)

I know the basics but want some more intermediate or advanced information.

BM General Discussion / Considering Return - State of the Game
« on: September 15, 2015, 12:52:10 AM »
Some of you still here probably remember me, as those that have posted recently all seem to be old-timers.

Can anyone give me a state of the game update? I've been gone since mid 2013. Is it worth returning to play? It seems from my brief reading that the player density problem has only worsened.

Are there specific realms that are high spots of interactivity and RP? Any intrigue?

Please don't tell me to just join a realm because you're there. I realize everyone needs nobles. That's not what I'm asking. I'm sure if your realm is good, I'd find my way there eventually.

Atamara / Silnarian War for Sovereignty
« on: July 13, 2013, 11:48:00 AM »
Silnaria, the newest realm on Atamara, was formed by approval of the Corian Senate as the successor realm of Coria.

In refusal to recognize this treaty as fact, the realm of Tara endeavored to invade and conquer the lands of Silnaria as a land grab for itself, while the new realm was young and weak. Silnaria, a realm of 13 regions at the time of its foundation, with claim to all former 16 regions of Coria, is split in half currently as Taran armies occupy and have taken over three regions in the very center of our realm. Their invasion, without having declared war, has cause our realm to be unable to fight back, as Tara, holding 26 regions is over twice our size. This interference by Tara to invade our realm is a complete denial of Silnaria's sovereignty as they have interfered in the civil war between Coria and Silnaria over the remaining regions. Silnaria, having sought numerous diplomatic solutions to this problem, has not received a single reply to these requests.

Now, new information has come to light. Tara is allied with the realms of Eston and Minas Leon, each on a different flank bordering Silnaria. Tara has endeavored for both Eston and Minas Leon to join in its blatant invasion of Silnaria without any casus belli, and is offering a majority of Silnaria's regions to them so that each can grow and make a land grab themselves in return. Not a single realm has any reason for this war, except for the greed of gaining lands from a realm that even in a 1v1 against Tara is half of Tara's size.

Silnaria however, is undeterred. Under the leadership of their fearless King Merlin, Silnaria will stand up and fight for its right to be a sovereign realm, and exist. King Merlin envisions a future of Atamara where small realms are not simply bullied by large realms, and treated like inferior vassals due to their lack of strength. King Merlin envisions a future where nobles and realms are treated fairly and honor reigns as the determinant for the actions of the strong. King Merlin envisions this future, and has already strove to create a realm by which each noble is given a voice and the freedom to make their opinions known.

Anyone who stands for honor, justice, integrity, and standing up to those who would deny all of these things, are encouraged to join Silnaria. Silnaria sits upon the richest regions of Atamara, and has gold available for all new and willing to join knights of the realm. Silnaria is the single most active realm on Atamara, and we will stand together to make this future a reality. We face long odds, but we will triumph because honor is on our side.

Helpline / Militia - Increasing Size?
« on: July 13, 2013, 10:23:32 AM »
So, I have just noticed something weird. The militia that I recruited in my region some time ago are no longer reflective of the militia currently in my region.

As far as I can remember, I recruited units of 49 men to be the basis for militia in my region. (Less hours). These 49 men were recruited as both archers and infantry. However, when I look at my region now, those same units are much larger than 49 men. I was under the impression that militia units were unable to increase in size. Was I wrong? If so, by what method do militia units gain numbers?

Their training is also significantly higher than when I originally recruited them (the base region stats.) Do they gain training the longer they have been militia? Is this passive or do they only gain training from battles?

Title: Takeovers should prevent region allegiance change

Summary: If realm A is in the middle of a takeover of region X of realm B, current rules allow the region lord of X to change allegiance to realm C in order to stop the takeover of the region by realm A. I propose this situation be prevented by game mechanics going forward.

Details: Realm A is at war with realm B, but at neutral, peace, or higher relations with realm C. If region X changes allegiance to realm C, the takeover is no longer possible to be continued because there is no status of war. This doesn't make any sense either from a real-life standpoint or a game "playability" stand point. If a region lord is having his region forcibly taken over, and enemy troops currently occupy the region, by what authority does he even transfer the region control to another realm? He certainly wouldn't have the ability to change the banners of the region, convince the people of the change, or anything else while enemy troops are in the middle of a takeover and no friendly troops are present.

The current game mechanics are such that while the takeover doesn't immediately "stop", it is 100% impossible to carry out any further takeover actions. Thereby meaning that the takeover is ended if the region is transferred to a realm that isn't at war with the realm doing the takeover. This allows a lord to retain a lordship that he would not have been able to retain any other method.

Benefits: I believe that the primary benefit comes from preventing from what seems to me to be an unrealistic use, and borderline abuse of the ability for a lord to change the region his realm is in. Any region being taken over is no longer under the control of the region lord. Many other actions are denied to the region lord to be able to perform, and yet he is still able to fully change region allegiance without any military influence. It will also actually give some more strength and meaning to what a takeover is. Just as troops/militia can prevent the revolt of a region, they should be able to prevent the allegiance change of a region.

This would also make the game mechanics align closer to common sense.

Possible Exploits: The only exploit I can think of is the beginning of many takeovers at once throughout a realm to prevent any allegiance changes. However, such would require massive amounts of troops, and in truth, it seems like a viable military tactic to me instead of a real abuse.

BM General Discussion / Geographically Split Realms
« on: June 29, 2013, 07:37:16 AM »
So, my realm on Atamara (Silnaria) has been split in half for the past 3 weeks because when I seceded, my duchy was on two sides of the realm. Due to military positioning of other troops, we can't reunited our realm, so three regions are in the middle of the land claims of my realm, and I can't take them. Most of our army is isolated in a city that isn't our capital with enemy troops blocking us from retreating to our capital or moving at all simply because our capital is in the other half of the realm.

I was wondering if there have been any other instances of realms existing for any sort of extended period in two halves, and what the circumstances around it were. Mainly, I see this as a very interesting occasion because there are a lot of things which I didn't expect could be a downside due to the way in which you have to maneuver when half of your realm is one place, and the other half is in another place.

Atamara / Atamara Politics for Five Year Olds
« on: June 21, 2013, 05:54:36 PM »
Taking from the Dwilight example, I think it best if all of AT's political actions to be explained from the point of view of 5 year olds. They certainly don't make sense for any other age group. I'll start:

CE, Tara, Strombran, and Coria are throwing rocks to annoy and bully Darka.

Coria: Why are we hurting Darka?
CE: Because they are big bad and evil
Tara: Because CE told me to do it.
Strombran: Because CE told me to do it.
Coria: Well, I figure if we're going to be beating people up, I want a better bully name. You can call me Silnaria now!
Silnaria: To prove I'm just as much of a bully as you, I'm going to beat up my sister Shanny. *starts throwing rocks at Shanny*
Tara: Stop it! Shanny is my bestest friend!
Silnaria:'ve always hated Shanny...?
CE: Stop it! I thought we were beating up Darka, not Shanny! I want to beat up Darka!
Silnaria: I thought we just got to beat up whoever we want...? I want to beat up Shanny!
Strombran: So...(looks at CE)...who do I throw my rock at?

Talerium is sitting off to the side watching fervently as the sales from his "Deadly Rocks for 5$" stand starts increasing its profits.

So, I know what I think may happen as thinks play out in the political sphere of Atamara. I know what plans Merlin has for his new realm. I know now the initial reactions of most of the rulers of Atamara. So, truthfully, I'm not sure how this will play out.

What do you think will happen? Will Silnaria's foundation do something? Will we simply just die off before anything can happen? Will we cause something to happen BY dying off?

Atamara / What does Atamara need to happen?
« on: May 31, 2013, 06:12:01 PM »
Title says it all. What do you think needs to change or occur in Atamara AND how would you see it occur?

BM General Discussion / Family Wealth
« on: March 20, 2013, 12:38:23 AM »
So, I've been scouring the forums for a bit searching for information on family wealth.

To me it seems that family wealth is largely useless. There are very limited things you can do with family wealth that I can see, AND relatively recently they expanded the cap to 20k. So, I'm wondering if there were also any additions to what family wealth can be used for.

Can anyone help me better understand the uses of the family wealth system? Also, if anyone knows if there are any new uses that arise from thresholds in the 10k-20k range that'd be cool to know as well.

From what I know, family wealth can be used/is primarily used for these things:

1. Region investments
2. Asking for gold from family when broke
3. Purchasing city services with family bribe
4. Getting out of jail
5. Putting a bounty on someone's head
6. Purchase region lordships from enemy realms.

Is there anything else? I remember there being an option to purchase region lordships, but AFAIK this was removed a while back.

BM General Discussion / "Normal" Tax Rates
« on: March 08, 2013, 10:00:04 AM »
So, the game says that a "normal" tax rate is 10%, but I've never run a region at only 10% tax. While you can leave a region at 10% and it will literally never have any issues, you're essentially wasting free gold.

I've found you can run a 14-15% tax rate in most places without any additional problems.

You can run an even higher tax rate of 17-19% depending upon region location, and still only have to occasionally hold courts as far as I am aware.

Meanwhile, pushing your region over 20% I've seen as fairly common as long as you are willing to hold regular (or daily) court sessions.

So, I'm curious as to what people consider a "Normal" tax rate, and what you run your own regions at and for what reasons.

Title: Make Message Options Reflect True Name of Duchy

Summary: When sending messages to "all lords of your duchy of X" have 'X' actually be the name of the duchy, not the name of the original duchy based upon the city region which it was originally named for. So, when name changes are made by rulers this actually updates. Same for "all knights of your duchy of X."

Details: On the Message screen, when a duke has the option of sending messages he chooses between a bunch of different options. The sent messages both after sending and while writing the messages should reflect the true duchy name. This way the Duke's signature will be obviously attached to this message, instead of having a dichotomy that suggests he may have less authority than he really does.

Benefits: Clarity. It makes sense as well.

Possible Exploits: None. (Name change exploits are dealt with by ruler at time of changing)

Title: Anonymous Messaging Option in Secret Societies

Summary: Just as there is a way in normal messaging to pay for your letters to not include who it was all sent to, I think that while in a secret society it should be possible for messages sent in a secret society to be "anonymous" as it is in the underground. Either via a small payment to make it such, or simply an option to select.

Details: It could be that these messages are only anonymous to those who are on the same level or lower than you in the secret society hierarchy. Or that all messages are anonymous except the elders will always know who sends what.

Benefits: This would allow secret societies to function a lot better with actually maintaining the anonymity of members in the society instead of ruining the knowledge of who is in the society as soon as you use it to send a message. 

Possible Exploits: None.

Atamara / Phoenix Empire
« on: February 19, 2013, 08:15:46 AM »

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