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Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: May 19, 2016, 01:43:05 PM »
You didn't actually play on Atamara, did you?

They'll  just sit there and wait it out. The issue wasn't game mechanics.

We're just trying to find a solution, perhaps you have a WAY better solution?

Perhaps we can get each continent to agree to a mutual rule/standard like on the colonies? (Though I admit that this idea will be difficult to accomplish ...)

Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: May 19, 2016, 04:35:44 AM »
No worry, I am sure we all here are thinking of prevention of Atamara 2.0. How about if we modify it slightly?

Alliance status with duration of how many days. Those who not bother renew or forget to renew, the alliance status expire and the diplomacy change to peace/neutral.

I like this idea. +1.

Alliances are supposed to be temporary to begin with, might as well add a duration? This will prevent long term peace as alliances and treaties expire. It will also give a valid reason for people to turn on each other ^^

Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: May 18, 2016, 11:11:48 PM »
That's not really true. I'm guessing you're looking at CE and Tara, but you'll have to put Strombran here too. Cause Strombran was long allied with Suville as well and CE with Talerium. Had those two or 3 realms not be included in this alliance, the island would have looked very different. But I do agree that the matter is very difficult to arrange.

My biggest concern with alliances is that they are treated more like federations than alliances. Very few people have temporary alliances which they break after a while etc. But that's more a mindset than a mechanic and difficult to change I think.

I'm sorry. I was thinking  by 2 or 3 allies that Ketchum meant independently rather than whole. As Tara did not like Surville I believe (I was in Strombran in and out).

Also, I am sure if we could somehow find mutual agreements on all the continents for certain rules, we'll have a much better experience. However that as well is very hard to arrange. Perhaps there is another suggestion on how we can prevent Atamara 2.0?  (Sorry Ketchum, don't mean to hang up on your idea. It is a valid one indeed.)

Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: May 18, 2016, 10:42:18 PM »

Do we need more game mechanic or limitation? We do not want everyone allies or peace with each other. I do not think we like to have TMP(Too Much Peace doh!  8) ) back either.

Perhaps instead of developers rolling out a statement saying "you must do this and do that" every time, why not we put forward this limitation in game?

You can only have 2-3 allies Diplomacy, depending on how many realms on that one island.

I am unsure if limitations will help much. In Atamara,it only took 3 allies to halt everything, really and truthfully just 2.

East Island / Re: East Continent Concerns About Xavax and Perdan
« on: May 14, 2016, 11:50:07 PM »
How about we settle with the whole community, players and devs, should have acted sooner? Now, where should we, players and devs, be concerned about now, not in yesteryear?

There are hardly any wars happening on Dwilight, basically everyone is at peace with the exception of Swordfell and Westfold.

Caligus in EC is playing everything way too safe in my opinion and is only getting involved in wars they know they will win (not taking any risks etc.)  I haven't been around long, but I have a small nastolgia of "Same people doing nothing" of course, that's all I can see... Caligus is very open and isn't silent, but it really has no enemies and just decides who to aid.

Swordfell is at war, not by their own accord, but it's still war.

I'm sure there's more happening in dwilight, but I simply don't see it... Just a small conquest in the West... In my personal opinion, Astrum should feel "entitled to their old land". Or some rulers should be threatened by this rogue rise of power.

Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: May 14, 2016, 06:19:51 PM »

You understand that these are volunteers, right? They work with whatever spare time they have and you have the audacity to demand them to work harder? They are already working harder... They don't even get to enjoy the game anymore BECAUSE they're trying to help YOU enjoy the game.

I don't want to start a blame game either... But please don't point the finger at good people...

Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: May 12, 2016, 04:37:32 PM »
Oh that takes me back.

"Leaders, this realm is getting stale and boring!"
"No it isn't. We are enjoying ourselves, ergo you must be enjoying yourselves too."
"But we're not!"
"You just don't understand what we're doing here."
"We might if you included us in realm affairs!"
"Go away, pleb."

^--- so true...

I cannot understand. Everyone is telling you why they didn't like Atamara and you simply call us "Rulers that didn't get their way."

I have never been a ruler in the 4-5 years of my time playing this game.  In fact I was an infiltrator (the only class that actually had something to do during your "fun time in Tara"). I stabbed Ottar in an attempt to cause uproar and nothing came of it...  He was re-elected shortly after.

 We are all responsible for Atamara's sinking. We had opportunities before and nothing came from it.

Pryde is not innocent, I am not innocent, we are all not innocent. This was a shared experience that had become dominated by the few who did not want share their experience. These words are being echoed over and over.

We as a community should have stopped it, why can we not follow Elegant's example and learn to appreciate our game as much as the next person's? 

Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: May 12, 2016, 02:26:19 AM »

This post brings up such an interesting point... And it is ignored.  How lovely.

Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: May 09, 2016, 06:00:22 PM »

Seems to me bottom of the sea is about as suicidal as you can get.

Well done ruining what used to be people's favorite island, and causing countless players to quit entirely.

My post was not necessarily about you Jaune, but the overall tone that this topic has been following.

I see a lot of blaming and shaming happening. This is not constructive, but destructive. I understand you have been very calm... However others not so much.

Discussion is a part of growth, but if someone suddenly takes out a flamethrower, growth burns away quickly. ;D

Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: May 09, 2016, 05:15:44 PM »
This topic has grown quite interesting. On one side we have the "IT'S YOUR FAULT!" On the other we have "IT WAS YOUR FAULT!".

Two players aggressively blaming each other for the whole downfall etc.

Being overly aggressive as a minor noble will commonly lead to banishment. Being only a "Butt licker" (Favorite substitute in this post btw) will only lead to more silence and lack of wars. Why not combine the worlds? A fake follower whom wishes destruction to all, more interesting, no? So much potential, yet your sight is narrowing.

The fault was not on certain individuals, the fault belongs to us all. You both did what you thought was best, but it doesn't exactly matter anymore.

You should focus your time on making the other islands better rather than use all this hatred to hurt each other. So many different things to do and yet you ignore it all to complain about a lost island. Why not take your hatred and start fueds and wars that will make the game more interesting? Drama between two characters provides more excitement than a war where you just move every turn and follow orders.

You like Atamara? That's great, it's gone.
You hate Atamara? That's great, it's gone.

Notice the similarities? It's gone.

This is Battlemaster, islands are suppose to be unwinnable and there should be no pride in winning. Read the social contract and you will find my words to be true.

Atamara became exactly what it shouldn't, so it's gone. "It was about to change!" You know what, you had plenty of time to do it before, so too bad.

Please, stop this continuous bickering, you're hurting yourself more than you're proving your points.

Let us hate each other in game and not through the forums. OOC fights ruin the mood, but IC fights bring true enjoyment (I cannot stress that enough).

Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: May 04, 2016, 03:59:03 AM »
AT is sunk and we no longer have two character in continents... we lost more than we gained.

I feel like it was worth it. With lower. Populations, there were and still are silent realms. However, with the active players now spread out throughout the continents instead of focused on certain areas, the game can grow more interesting.

Atamara / Re: Atamara's Fate
« on: April 30, 2016, 06:37:38 AM »
I must agree with the previous comments.

Having played there for a very long time, I felt no joy in sitting around doing nothing for very long periods of time. Whatever fun you were having, it did not come to me. I got so bored that I managed to raise an infiltrator from scratch and build it all the way up (only using the Academy) until it was a pure force to be reckoned with.

As for the Ice age, I was.excited to see this event carry out, until it stopped just barely over the land to the point that it only effected the realms that were already dying. This only made that Federation stronger and the game less fun. 

I believe sinking Atamara was the right decision, I only wish its downfall could have been prevented.

I would also like to point out... It didn't "Slow down a bit", it literally came to a standstill.

Helpline / Re: Leveling infiltration
« on: April 30, 2016, 02:19:16 AM »
As a player who played nothing but infiltrator for a while, I will pass my technique to you. ^^

You should train in the academy (mainly Sword fighting) until it's at least 50-55. This can be conquered really easily as the Academy actually follows a pattern that has already been discovered (guaranteeing a very good chance to lvl up by 1 per train session) experiment with the training levels and times and you will find it eventually, (I spent a lot of time messing with it in Atamara's ancient stalemate), obviously using expert with 10% skill is not advised. It is like a stair case, with each increase, your hours increase ablnd eventually so does the skill level to cut down the time needed. Most people just pour all their hours into expert, but that is truly a waste of money and time in my opinion, I spend less gold in a week and gain at least 2% higher each turn (that is assuming I have no more time for more training per turn).

Now. With your new skill, continue to train regularly until you find yourself at war. Murdering militia is a infiltrator's best friend. It increases your infil skill and your swordskill at the same time. Follow this and you will find your skill to be good ^^ I personally played extremely cautiously because the more bans you have, the more chances you have to be killed.  I raised my skills to the high 80's and still found it difficult to do things.

As previously stated THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LOW RISK. As an infiltrator, you will be crossing your fingers A LOT. I do not know how long I spent staring at that button gaining the courage to actually do it. If you fail, normally you find yourself in even more trouble than before. Most times, you're rewarded with a ban. After that, the risk is at its peak because now you can and will die if you fail in that realm again. Death means all that hard work is now GONE.

Infiltrator is a powerful class that can move past armies and give vital scout reports without being caught for as long as luck allows. However, they are also the very few gateways for death to occur to your character.

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