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Questions & Answers / Re: Fontan deportations
« on: April 22, 2012, 02:19:53 PM »
There are two of these deportations that I have to entirely protest, one especially. I don’t know how you have judged these players to be in a clan at all.

Noble has left (2 hours, 30 minutes ago)

Rirem of the Cedillo (Noble) was seen in Greatbridge, boarding a ship to Colonies.
His unit, the The Freeman's Reward has been partly converted into a militia unit.

Rirem Cedillo ; Has been in the realm for more than 1000 days and just in the past week en-nobled his adventurer. Thats more than 3 YEARS, and his character there was a commoner for almost that entire time, not a noble so why has he been targeted?? Even the name of the unit shows he has only just become a noble. Here are also two letters to prove it.

Letter from Rirem of the Cedillo (8 days, 23 hours ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (57 recipients)

Nobility of Fontan,

On this day I claim my reward through years of lesser service to this land and many of its figures of prominence, taking up the mantle of a knight on recommendations long ago earned. I am pleased to see many with whom I have had personal dealings before and hope that I shall come to know many more of you in time.

I am not one much for writings or politics. What I am is a good sword and a fair fighter. My service to Fontan shall continue as diligently as it was before.

I am honoured to be, Sir Rirem Cedillo of Fontan.

Rirem of the Cedillo (Freeman)

Out-of-Character from Ricardo of the Cedillo (25 days, 8 hours ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (45 recipients)

I'm in Toupellon, vaguely. I'm also in Fontan with one of the best adventurers on the

Edward Cedillo

Since you announced the magistrate investigation and then three days later he made his adventurer into a noble it is obvious he isn’t part of any clan or else why would he “add” a character to the noble pool and put himself in the firing line? Was any investigation given into this action at all?

Noble has left (3 hours, 37 minutes ago)
Caeranor Saegarus Griffirtaen (Knight of Dulbin) was seen in Dulbin, boarding a ship to Far East.
His unit, the Shining Quest has been partly converted into a militia unit.

Noble has left (3 hours, 37 minutes ago)
Caeranor Saegarus Griffirtaen (Knight of Dulbin) was deported from this island by a GameMaster. The reason given was:
Enforcement of Magistrate Verdict.

His former character was in Fontan long before Aurvandil existed, his Hero died in a battle and he returned after his character was old enough to be roleplayed as the son of the one who died. Yes he also has a character in Aurvandil but I don’t see how that, with him having starting a character in Fontan several years ago, can be grounds to deport him because he has a character in Aurvandil.

2010-10-14      Malenard Saegarus      Joined the realm of Fontan
2011-04-14      Malenard Saegarus      Killed as a hero in battle at age 27
2012-03-27      Caeranor Saegarus      Began his career in Fontan

Letter from Caeranor Saegarus Griffirtaen (26 days, 8 hours ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (44 recipients)

Greetings o'Fontanese.

I am Caeranor Saegarus. Some of you may have known my father, Sir Malenard Saegarus Griffirtaen, Hero of this realm who died defending the walls of Krimml.

I was heading out from my homeland of Perdan, wherein I was born, to see the land for which my father gave his life. With war upon you I wish to take up the same cause that my father did in fighting for Fontan. I know little of you but for what I have read. My father thought it fitting to risk his life in Fontan's final defence and a cause as worthy for my father to give his all is one good enough for me.

I hope to serve you well.

Caeranor Saegarus Griffirtaen (Noble)

These deportations seem entirely arbitrary and in these two cases in particular seem unjustifiable even under the  guise of clanning by the professional whiners of the Clan d’Grehkmoor.

East Island / Re: Fontan's Surprising Strength
« on: April 06, 2012, 03:27:02 PM »
Well thanks to you Tanos I've had to face a storm in Nivemus. You spreading lies all over the ruler's channel OOC to try to pettily gain as much support as you can for Westmoor. You basically said everyone with any association to a list of realms are saxons. Averoth, Thulsoma, now anyone who has ever had any of those names on their family pages to you are some massive clique. Point out what you like about how you're not some powermongerer in Westmoor but even in Nivemus we're suspicious of your Old Grehk linkage. Hey, if circumstantial realm association is enough for you to make accusations its enough for us, right? I mean that would be fair. Oh no wait, you have a cute phrase you can tag on to anything. "The Saxons", and with that little signature everyone jumps. Well honestly I'm sick of it, as a player, having had a character in Averoth for barely two months who then got killed off. I joined because of an OOC discussion in Fontan how there was a massive war going down with two horribly mismatched realms and I took the underdog, like any decent player should if they're interested in game balance and "the experience". Ha-de-ha. Three or four other Fontanese did too, since it seemed a lot more fun than anything else going on. Oh the audacity for wanting to do what you want with your own characters. Now you can pull that "But you were in ..." line every time you want to.

You are exactly the worst kind of player. You've made a point of using OOC to try to win through your IC objectives.

One thing you and everyone else needs to get their head around is that Averothians are certainly not saxons. The Saxons joined Averoth. There are no "Saxon Realms" that I've ever been in. That is a distinction you should do your hardest to realise. But no, you look down a family career page and just note realm names. Well guess what, thats all anyone has done with Westmoor and Old Grehk and that looks sweetily like equally conclusive evidence. The difference being your little gang are still together and still trading titles.

Like the gang in Arcachon and subsequently Madina, the same player spouting off saxon crap to make up for his own failings. I tell you what the TO of Arcachon by the Melehan Clique was the best done thing I've ever seen. Expendable characters, a load of private communication, new nobles taking up sides, bans issued to new accounts and players who attended a tournament knowing nothing could be done to reverse it. Even the OOC appeals to that were ignored. Better yet the stooge-player who did all the banning heroically suicides his character at the end to clean up the whole shop and everyone gave him a pat on the back for good roleplay. Oddly self-sacrificing that Ironhorse family.

And as for you katyanna, one of the main people in the family clan who used to run Fontan and is now upset they lost it, you need to get your facts straight. Ignore my IG attempts to get you to justify yourself but I like loads of players in Fontan have got sick to the back teeth of your family trying to win Fontan. So you targetted Justin in these elections to see him removed from the Judgeship? While at the same time you stand yours, the Draguls and the Hyde's chaarcters for every single position they can get? Even Prandur is now confused since he doesn't know if people think he is in a clan or he's in your anti-clan, which is more like The Fontan Clan out of anyone. Your Royal Family Of Fontan has fallen, don't try to cheat your way back. You've made half a dozen players leave Fontan in the time I've been there, well it won't work with me.

Far East Island / Re: Rebellion in Arcachon
« on: November 23, 2011, 06:58:35 PM »
Well hopefully any rebellion from now on won't change the realm system.

How do we revert back to being a Theocracy? I don't seem to have the option at all.

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