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BM General Discussion / Re: Prophet Fame Points
« on: May 18, 2020, 12:29:53 PM »
What are prophet fame points? o.O

Feature Requests / Re: Additional Vote Counting Systems
« on: May 14, 2020, 12:14:26 PM »
This is GLORIOUS. It'd also provide *plenty* of IC drama potential for new voting systems based on shifting culture, population, etc. If the realm's cavaliers have all died or departed, then reform is in order. The resulting debate would be dictated by extant noble population and thus subject to all the whims, backstabbery, and powerbasing inherent to politics. This could provide a major change in direction for any realm, and be quite interesting to watch!

Development / Re: Pets for adventurers
« on: May 08, 2020, 01:36:06 PM »
Heh, lovely concept.

Development / Re: Inter-Realm RP
« on: May 08, 2020, 01:34:36 PM »
SA was a different breed, to be sure.

Feature Requests / Re: Prestige and Positions
« on: May 07, 2020, 08:30:40 AM »
Great idea, actually. Adds a refreshing dynamic that greatly benefits community-building. Now where'd I put that stamp of approval...

Feature Requests / Re: Marketplace Messaging
« on: May 05, 2020, 10:56:31 PM »
Cool idea that makes traders actually interact, good for both RP and from a mechanics point of view.

Shouldn't be clutter at all if you limit it to traders and such. Would allow for negotiation between realms, which is usually a whole process.

Surprised this isn't already a feature.

I like the idea of expanding the Forage feature to include this!  Then you could have fights between the people burning hours foraging, and the people scouting, about the division of the loot.

But milord, where's our cut?!

Development / Inter-Realm RP
« on: May 05, 2020, 10:31:03 PM »
In light of the massive debate that took place in Belluaterra's OOC Ruler/Admin channel...

Its been a humbling reminder of what BattleMaster once stood for, and the intense inter-realm RP I fell in love with over a decade ago. Something needs to be said, so here goes.

At its heart - though each player prefers a particular set of mechanics - BattleMaster has always been a sociopolitical story generator; whether written or inferred.

We inhabit these fantasy worlds; weave our fates; and watch as dynasties, nations, and entire continents are reshaped as a result of our words and actions.

This week I came back to BM because I re-found a Battlemaster timelapse video on Youtube showing the rise and fall of nations over the years. In so many ways it was humbling to consider how many human beings, some of which are no longer among the living, sacrificed countless hours and sleepless nights to shape our history.

With age the tides have shifted as continents are increasingly depopulated, nations grown insular, and communication ever more frustrating.

Many recall how Belluaterra's daemonic invasions influenced every continental power from the freshest noble to the eldest kings - reshuffling our identities  and priorities every step of the way. The truth is that it wasn't the threat of Blight, or the massive armies who accomplished this feat: it was the simple fact that we had an avenue by which to include all nobles, all realms, all facets of continental society, bringing people together and giving them fresh ways to form individual paths toward a future unknown. Now, its too much to ask that admins regularly conduct such events, if even on a minor scale. That requires time, code, and principally, effort and availability. We understand that admins can't be the omnipresent gods we so desire. Not with so little population, so few subscriptions, and actual personal lives.

With these facts and the new experimental messaging systems in mind - perhaps a proposal is in order? What would it require to implement the means for inter-realm RP as a fundamental mechanism?

Perhaps a tab on the experimental messager/reader, or a checkbox that opts-in to sending/receiving RP's conducted across the continent by others who wish to do so - thereby a sailor or foreign dignitary enjoying a tavern crawl can delight the locals with stories of a particular event that took place on the opposite end of the continent, which local nobles can then cite in their own RP's and even pass some new RP forward for everyone's enjoyment.

Perhaps one can opt-in per message, or employ a tier-specific toggle per character/guild/religion/realm that forwards RP to all who wish to partake.

After using the new experimental messaging system, it seems like this might be possible. If not, then rather than a mechanic suggestion, we could brainstorm ways to fine-tune existing communication channels to better allow for meaningful interaction between the players... The existing limitations are why I and so many others grew tired and quit BM/M&F in the first place. There is so much wasted potential - if only it weren't such a massive pain to ease the RP and general inter-organizational process beyond the limitations of a single realm or guild.

Take the current Belluaterran situation for example.

For an Obean faithful of Obia'syela to RP with Thalmarites at all, let alone include Mordokian, Daishi and non-religious nobles, and the other realms involved in the whole transcontinental conflict - thereby making things so much more fun, interesting, and inclusive by allowing everyone involved to have their moment -- every single player involved must spend an inordinate amount of time copying, pasting, and forwarding messages, faithfully and without fail... Just to have organizations with perfectly good IC reasons to have meaningful interaction beyond marching our armies across the continent, being in the same region before a big battle, and frantically typing a short RP because you might get captured in combat and they'd be gone by the time you could post again so what's the point. That or creating a whole logistics chain of people willing to forward messages to and from a dozen different realms, religions, and guilds. Its just too much to manage or ask of anyone.

If we could improve players' ability to communicate between organizational levels, we'd have more time and sanity available to actually interact.

Feature Requests / Re: Relics for Temples
« on: May 05, 2020, 08:06:08 PM »
Wonderful idea that encourages religious interaction, conflict, RP, and makes adventurers valuable and thus more desirable to play and have around :)

Accidentally joined Westgard today. Shenanigans ensue.

"Roleplay from Masalu Auru'in Player experience level: mentor Player play preference: rp
Message sent to all nobles of Westgard (23 recipients) - just in

Lost and confused after many years of slumber, a clever merchant spots Masalu and hatches a genius plan. What commission might he weasel - ahem- earn from pandering the indelible Madstone Manor to some upstart fresh-off-the-boat noble? With hands clasped and lips freshly licked to form paled-toothed grin, perhaps his moment of glory has finally come?

"Fair Lord, might you be that recently-arrived noble in need of an estate? On behalf of the realm, it would be my greatest pleasure to guide you toward your new home. I'll make the arrangements for your things and get you set-up, for only a modest fee of course. Welcome, welcome, welcome! Come, come with me!"

Sheer terror writ large across his face, Death-Knight Masalu blinks as his knuckles turn white upon both hilts. Fast-talkers. Masalu has never liked them. Doesn't help that he can barely understand them. While his speech impediment and accent prevent speech far more than understanding, some people are simply insufferable to behold.

"Ahh... Ma... Masalu have... Yes. Masalu make search for boat, make travel for Nebelani Port for finding estate. Masalu make search for meet friend of D'harani."

Devious does the smile spread atop that quivering silver tongue so eager to disabuse this strange noble of such unprofitable notions. D'hara, Westgard, this oaf can barely articulate a sentence. Chances are he can't read a map either!

"With respect, good sir, surely you could use some rest from your lengthy journey? You look downright exhausted! The nobles of the realm would sure be offended were you to refuse their kind offer. You wouldn't wish to disrespect your fellow nobles, would you? Please, be a good man and come with me? You'll find fresh linens, a soft bed, plentiful wine, and much more at your glorious new estate at Ma- err, Radstone Manor! Its simply delightful, I promise you won't be disappointed. Only the best for a noble of your stature, yes?"

Almond eyes squint in further confusion. Few of what is said can be understood, mostly because of the rising pitch and odd accent employed by the strange man. Rest... Nobles... Offended... Good... Bed... Wine. Rad?

"What is... Rad? Masalu no understanding word. Masalu like wine... Bed, soft? Much niceness... Much tiredness..."

Eyebrows rise and eyes glow as the merchant spins yet another clever lie. Anything to make a sale, or so merchants ever cite.

"Ahh, yes. Radstone Manor! Its all the rage these  days, I hear. Rad, as in AMAZING, one of those fancy new terms of the noble youth. Come, come, let me show you the way!"

At this point Masalu gives in. Though hunger and exhaustion have long-since set, his stubborn ability to weather the chaos of war does not stretch to spiritual erosion by sheer annoyance.

Muttering a prayer in Sumerian, the D'haran noble finds himself caught in the merchant's web. Unable to read, he later scribbles a squiggle or two on the proper documents and finds himself the proud owner of Madstone Manor.

He takes a a quick nap after the annoying man finally leaves, only to be awoken by a servant girl bringing him fresh wine. Only when she nervously offers welcome to the realm of Westgard does Masalu realize his critical error.

"No... D'harani? No00... No. NO!"

In a fit of animalistic rage, Masalu flees Madstone manor - calloused feet smacking across the paving stones as he charges southward. By the times he notices, Masalu is hopelessly lost once again.

...Except this time he's utterly, irrevocably, stark-ass naked.

As a single tear slithers shyly down his cheek he sit down cross-legged in the middle of the road near some sort of city gate.

"Masalu want go home..."

It was RPed... I lost my old acc, returned with a new one with a new family name to play Erik's bastards... then deleted the acc to return with the Serpentis and decided to use Hrafn as adv. You can read the entire saga in this topic and in Ehrendil's one.

A sad end to one hell of a legacy :( Sigrid's back, for the record. My laptop had shat out and I never quite had the time to come back until recently. Perhaps Hrafn could make a comeback as well, whether noble or advy? I think I'm in... Eponllyn. Yeah, that one.

Roleplaying / Re: The Deeds of Astros Renodin
« on: May 04, 2020, 10:22:15 AM »
Oi. I miss you, ya crazy bastard. Come back!

Feature Requests / Re: Add link to character details
« on: May 04, 2020, 09:35:58 AM »
Do like.

Development / Re: Make Battlemaster Great Again - War Overhault
« on: March 07, 2018, 06:07:19 PM »
In effect, Erik was exactly the type of character everyone is complaining about? :P A few of those are good to have, but at least those types have an excuse - and can be balanced by less-aggressive personalities.

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