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East Island / Re: The War
« on: October 05, 2018, 05:13:07 AM »
What? Minas Nova and Alara stabbed their allies in the back at the first chance they got, then began to fall apart? Color me shocked... SHOCKED.

Dwilight / Re: Lurian Resurgence
« on: April 05, 2018, 11:36:10 AM »
But didn't we just sign a treaty?

Tis just a peace of paper.  ;)

BM General Discussion / Re: Why did Greater Xavax <Insert Action>?
« on: March 18, 2018, 02:31:20 PM »

Because Robb Starfall irritated her.

That's the short/silly answer, the long answer is that Selenia had always intended to absorb Alara, but wanted a credible cassus belli to do so. Furthermore, she needed a war and Alara had made itself her primary target after thier interference with her successor, Xerarch Magnus. Sayuki's unexpected defection came just as Selenia came into power at the end of the Xavax Civil Wars. The Xavax were at one another's throats, nobles slaying each other over insults, Xavax was a powder keg that was holding together by a thread and a prayer. The fastest way to hammer the Xavax back together would be to focus them against an external other. She kept Sayuki as part of an extended diplomatic campaign to bait Alara into crossing a line that would justify Xavax declaring war against them, or better yet, the reverse. None of the other rulers were taken in by that, of course, turned out to be a major miscalculation of hers in the end.

I always found that period when the rebellion started interesting, because many of the rebels regarded Sayuki with a sort of "Et tu, Brute?" reaction when he sided with the loyalists.

BM General Discussion / Re: Why did Greater Xavax <Insert Action>?
« on: March 17, 2018, 12:35:45 AM »
Why did Selenia offer Sayuki her protection?

Development / Re: Mysterious Adventurer Items
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:32:05 AM »
I'd be up for this.

BM General Discussion / Re: Best Unique Item Names!
« on: February 21, 2018, 12:00:46 AM »

Huge Battle Fought   (1 day, 3 hours ago)
Rumours spread and tales are sung about a huge battle in Candiels:
(rogue) vs. Madina
Estimated strengths: 70 men vs. 1510 men
High Chancellor Namika Quasath is spotted wearing the Flute of Pancakes.
Defender Victory!

I do believe that one has been passed around before.

Development / Re: HTTPS security standard
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:13:31 AM »
You're talking about this: right?

It's not like they're warning people against it, just making it more obvious that it's a non-secure connection.

That's not how the average internet user is going to view it.

East Island / Re: Redhaven
« on: February 16, 2018, 07:42:11 AM »
So if you see an army of 1000 armed soldiers vs an army of 1000 armed peasants you call that even because the numbers were the same? Sounds like solid logic. Of course they were bad at coordinating. It is quite difficult to coordinate with multiple realms. That is a well known fact of this game. There are even better examples than that of GX. Sirion for example lasted years against multiple realms or Fontan which fought largest realms on the continent by themselves with their infamous lions.

It is better to have one large highly concentrated realm instead of 2 smaller realms with 2 capitals sitting few regions apart. And what about having equal number of nobles? Alara+Minas Nova+Perleone did not have the same number of nobles as GX. GX always had at least 5 more. Alara and MN actually lost nobles over time while GX gained even more. Only when Vix jumped to aid them things started to become somewhat even. When Perdan joined, it finally tipped. Let's not forget Fallangard actually joined GX's side as well. Then Caligus on top. So stop giving me this [email protected]#$ about GX and south being on the even ground. If you really believe that then you are just horrible at being a general.

Honestly you seem deadset on holding this opinion that everything was GX's fault. I'm not going to be able to change that if you're so stubborn, so let's just drop it.

Development / Re: HTTPS security standard
« on: February 16, 2018, 07:35:28 AM »
I push buttons and words appear. That is all I know of the magical machine.

How will this affect me/the general player?

As Anaris said, if done right nothing will change besides seeing https up at the top. The issue comes with NOT doing anything. That makes Battlemaster show up as a dangerous site in google Chrome, and that will turn away new players.

Development / Re: Make Battlemaster Great Again - War Overhault
« on: February 16, 2018, 07:33:25 AM »
Hmm, an interesting idea, but that would lkikely cause increased defections when the boat is sinking, maybe even more realm deaths.


Sint, Hetland, Riombara, and Kingdom of Alluran vs. Enweil did not result in any realm dying.
Republic of Fwuvoghor vs. Avalon did not result in any realm dying.
D'Hara vs. Pian en Luries did not result in any realm dying.
Pian en Luries vs. Fissoa did not result in any realm dying.
Caerwyn vs. D'Hara did not result in any realm dying.
Astrum vs. Westgard did not result in any realm dying.
Swordfell vs. Astrum did not result in any realm dying.

And I can think of a bunch of other wars where I'm just not sure enough of the specifics anymore.

Wars don't frequently end in the destruction of a realm, but when they do, it's almost always the loser's fault.

Dwilight vs. Thulsoma, they were just really happy to trigger the religious folk with their blasphemy and everyone in general with their blatant exploits
Half of Dwilight vs. Aurvandil, for being such an obnoxious bunch of blatant multicheaters
SA vs. NA (Caligus), almost went for the kill, did not yet, but had we done it... well Caligus completely refused to negotiate, even if down to 1 city

Plus all the ill-fated colonies that were just never meant to be.

I completely disagree with what I view is a biased viewpoint on your part, but we're not going to change each other's minds here, so let's just drop it.


East Island / Re: Redhaven
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:47:04 PM »
Not sure you understand what relatively even fight means. GX was slaughtering southern realms until Perdan and Vix joined.

Because the southern realms were not very good at coordinating. They had relatively equal combat power if they actually bothered to bring it all in one spot, but they didn't. Even just Vix joining in wouldn't have been a horrid overbalance. But once Perdan came in things were just ridiculous. So please, don't blame failure in a war solely on the size of the realm, because that had very little to do with what happened.

GX's military is what happens when you have competent, active players coordinating with each other. They punched above their weight not because of superior economy or number of nobles (the number of nobles was even and both Alara and especially Perleone had much higher gold per noble. I've checked repeatedly), but because they actually moved together as one force with relatively good discipline. It's why the war lasted for so long even after Perdan joined in.

Development / Re: Make Battlemaster Great Again - War Overhault
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:35:54 PM »
On what bases should I trust your words? If GX merely wanted to get Robb out of the way, they shouldn't have attacked Perleone to try and take Ibladesh. I am sorry but GX didn't just focus on getting rid of Robb. They tried to expand and become a larger realm. Also, let's not forget GX's internal problems also spilled out. Kellen Dodger once was a member of GX then joined Perdan to see GX destroyed after GX went through some power struggles.

I don't know what was so unfair about dividing a realm that wanted to expand into two. GX would still have done fine even after being split in half. Also, when a realm becomes ridiculously large in noble count, people do tend to be afraid.

So your proof that GX wanted to expand was that they attacked the city of someone they were at war with? That's definitely a certain kind of "logic". Considering the only way to knock either Alara or Perleone out of the early war would have been to take out their city anyways, as they weren't surrendering. GX went through some power struggles because Robb straight up lied to GX about allying them (thus saying that GX wanted to expand in that direction is [email protected]#$, they were trying to ally starting out and Robb pulled one over on the ruler at the time), and the Kellan Dodger started off a rebellion against the then ruler. A rebellion specifically aimed at putting someone who would attack Alara for betraying GX's trust into power.

Do you want to know how I know this? I was the one who was General of Alara when the ruler explained what he planned. When Sayuki reacted poorly to this plan of his, he banned my character and claimed Sayuki (my character) was a spy of GX. He wasn't a spy of GX, he had no proof of anything, but it got me out of his way. What he forgot was that my character knew everything about his plan of his, and that my character was the lord of one of the regions bordering GX. So when I switched over to GX, my region came with me, and I proceeded to tell Kellan Dodger about what Robb was planning. Magnus, then the ruler of GX, wasn't having it and believed I was trying to foment discord between Alara and GX. That's why the rebellion kicked off. I was approached by then Duchess Selenia about joining the loyalist faction if I pledged my loyalty to her, which my character did.

After the rebellion failed, Kellan Dodger was banned for the obvious act of fomenting rebellion, yadayada, ended up in Perdan. The reason Perdan even got involved likely had much to do with Kellan Dodger (the character) blatantly lying about what actually happened in order to get some revenge.

The reason that GX became so large in noble count anyways comes to two reasons. A) The people there did a wonderful job creating a realm culture and recruiting players. B) They weren't afraid to take risks. They didn't try and gangbang the smallest realm with a bunch of allies, they fought against a coalition of all the old-guard players who wanted the status-quo of CE on East Island. That was Robb's whole shtick you see...

Helpline / Re: Buying region, region was poached?
« on: February 15, 2018, 06:14:58 PM »
Or... you know... you don't set all the archers to fire a single unit. But I think this is code and we are all back to "we need people".

Archers fire at whatever is the closest line unless said line is in melee, then they fire at anything behind the melee. It isn't a setting.

Development / Re: Make Battlemaster Great Again - War Overhault
« on: February 15, 2018, 06:07:58 PM »
Of course. Do you think anyone knows what actually happens? But we can derive some stuff from the results of past wars. Luria Boreal for example. The war would have ended if they simply surrendered and apologized. What happened instead? They fought to the end and got destroyed. Didn't even put up a fight to be honest. However look at Farronite Republic. They surrendered when Farrowfield got sacked and they did not need to give up anything in return because they were smart about it.

Here are few other examples:

Perdan - Refused to give up their namesake city. Forced the ruler who was willing to accept the terms. After a couple battles, they accepted the same terms they originally refused.

Ibladesh - fought to the end. Got their realm split in two.

GX - fought to the end and got destroyed.

Caligus - lost a bunch of regions. Trying to get back what they lost. They probably won't since the north can't seem to win any battles recently. Maybe they will fight to the end too.

Do you think that reasonable terms were provided to GX? That was a war of extermination from the get-go by a hugbox of realms that were scared that GX was going to become the "next Ibladesh/CE" despite the fact that it was repeatedly stated that they did not want more land, thank you, they just wanted Robb Starfall out of power for being a duplicitous ass please (please note I mean the character, not the player).

I know for a fact that the one who instigated the whole mess in the first place definitely wasn't going to settle for a meaningful peace. I was in his realm where he openly talked about it.

The issue regarding peoples viewpoints of GX is that most only saw one side or the other in that war. I got to see both. Trust me when I say that Robb wanted them dead and was convincing the realms around them that GX was a threat that couldn't be left alive.

Development / Re: Make Battlemaster Great Again - War Overhault
« on: February 15, 2018, 07:47:34 AM »
Are we even talking about the same game here? People rarely accept terms in this game. The winners usually want a city at least. Losers don't want to give up anything. Even when a sensible guy is on the throne and is willing to accept terms, players of that guy's realm sometimes overthrow the guy for accepting terms. Since you don't really lose much, people don't willingly give up. I think there should be a huge penalty for getting your realm destroyed like losing 90% of your honor and prestige you've earned in that realm upon your realm's destruction. Even after you run, this penalty should track you down. Maybe people will think twice about fighting to the end. Then again I doubt that will stop people since people quit once their realms get destroyed.

This is a perspective piece, not anything that tells us what actually happens. It's what you "feel" happens.

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