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Other Games / Re: [Forum Game] World in Revolution 1861, Official Game
« on: April 24, 2012, 03:16:16 AM »

Kingdom of Italy

Italians, rejoice! For the first time in centuries the Italian peninsula is once again unified!
Our negotiations with the Pope proved to be a great success, and while not all Italians live under our flag, we have accomplished the unification of the Peninsula. On the next months preparations will be made for the declaration of Rome as the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, as it is only fair that the government of the great italians be located at the Eternal city, i hope that this is just the start of a new era of prosperity and happiness for the italians, great times come, it is time for Italy to take its place under the sun.

I thank the words of the Mexican president, i hope both our nations will find prosperous cooperation on the next few years.

This won't end well...not for the US, not for Japan...

Orders deadline are Friday, you can send them before it...but if you don't send them till Friday...

I wouldn't say that a war order is exclusive to only one thing like movimentation of armies, look at these orders, he designed generals, reinforcements each army would receive and gave them orders all in one "order", that is possible because it makes sense.

Now on the regular orders, he purely gave one order and some details and such, it could all be done in one line but he organized it.

Other Games / Re: [Forum Game] World in Revolution 1861, Official Game
« on: April 15, 2012, 12:21:00 AM »
OOC : People, use the joining thread for OOC, unless it is something critically important to the game...

Also, i don't think IC posts should be ignored, what is done is done.

Yes it is.

But i suggest that building regulars should be possible for only regular orders (this doesn't includes conscription ofc), as even in peace-time a country would recruit more regulars for its army, same goes to both kinds of ships, being built using regular orders.
As for conscripts, conscription programs and such would be of course only possible during wars.

But, can a nation not at "war" per-say utilize "war orders" to move their military around and make military maneuvers? Even if they don't make an official declaration of war, I'd think such a system could still work.

Well, AFAIK that isn't needed, at the start of the war you juts "deploy" your current troops, and as you get more you "deploy" them as well. Tough i could see something related to movimentation of troops working and adding to the game...maybe the GM will want to change that if he doesn't likes the old system

One more question: At which point do I have to issue orders and what are things that simply happen without?

An example are the exchanges of ambassadors I'm proposing to everyone. If I need an order for ever delegation, it'll be 1862 before I can do anything else. :-)

I must say, that isn't needed at all, you either already have embassies or don't need to. Recognitions don't take up a order as well...unless you want to do something else other than recognize...
Having recognitions and such take up an order wouldn't be worth it...

As for sending orders, just send them within the deadline...

Could nations not at war use some of their war-orders for peaceful actions? I don't see how a nation at war can do MORE - real life seems to scream the opposite is true, with the war effort taking up resources that could be used elsewhere.

Well, on the original WiR the war-orders were used only for war-related issues, like movimentation of the armies and navies, propaganda, etc....

I have a question: Is all correspondence in the game topic public? I.e. do I need to send private letters through PM?

No, it's like : PMs = Letters

As for treaties, how about something like that example :

Treaty of French-Italian Friendship
- By the signing of this treaty, both countries agree to reduce tariffs between themselves, encouraging trade.
[ ] King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy
[ ] Emperor Napoleon III of France

That kind of treaty could either be posted in the thread or sent by PM, when both have signed the treaty they just include it in their orders.

Let me reupload then...

I can view it just fine...
try this :

If you still can't, i might try reuploading it

Yes, on the original WiR it was one treaty per order...
It is very fair and better than treaty-spam on one turn.

However, things like a conference of Africa are of course a unique treaty and only require one order, where treaty agreements each will use up one order and are impossible to include more than two countries (no economic blocs at this time)

OOC : Btw Perth, how are trade agreements working? Are you adding direcly to the income?

EDIT : Also, can anyone confirm if Italy had slavery at the time?

Other Games / Re: [Forum Game] World in Revolution 1861, Official Game
« on: April 13, 2012, 08:49:28 PM »
OOC : Why not use the levels of the other WiR? Perhaps with some adjustments... ;)

I have some more info on Brazil, mostly about possible army and navy levels :
The army sucked, should be at the same level as the other south americans, soldiers were not well-paid and the training was nowhere near the desirable, only thing keeping it together was the very loyal leadership, with some skilled (for South America) commanders. Best army on South America was the Paraguayan AFAIK
The navy however was modern, and if he tries to do it he will probably manage to have capacity to build ironclads by 1864 or 65, like OTL Brazil :p
And the territory of the current state of Acre (and a small strip of land to its east) was owned by Bolivia, however, the area was barely populated...Maybe a map change won't be worth the trouble, but if you desire i can provide a map.

If you need help about Brazil feel free to ask and i can try to help :)

Other Games / Re: [Forum Game] World in Revolution 1861, Official Game
« on: April 13, 2012, 07:58:50 PM »

Royal Communiqué of the Kingdom of Italy

All italians have a reason to rejoice as Italy is unified into a single state like in ancient times! No more are we a collection of small duchies targeted by foreign manipulation, but an entity with great potential of development and power, i say let's all build that great nation of ours so that we can once again become one of the most powerful Empires on earth!
I look foward to being testimony to the growth of our industries and military forces, my italian brothers, it is our time to take a place on the sun.

I respect the vatican, being a catholic myself, for that i will conduct diplomatic talks with the pope to see if it is possible for him to unify into Italy.

On another note, i thank our french friends for your assistance on our unification wars, we shall stand by your side as allies and friends as both of our great nations should be, i also offer a trade agreement that will reduce tariffs between both parties in order to promote trade and growth between our countries.

Finally, i extend my hand at friendship with the Spanish, i hope that our countries can be allies and avoid conflict on this world plagued by wars between good christians.

OOC : Being a brazilian myself, i fear the stats of the Brazilian Empire are not correct, well, by that i mean the navy :
I think giving it about 36 steamships would be fair, it was modernizing its navy during the time and it wouldn't use sailing ships anymore.
Reading that bit of text would be good, might give you some info

On the other WiR game that hit me because i only discovered it after 1864, so it was way too late to change...It can be fixed on this one, tough.

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