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Roleplaying / Re: Ingénue - Jarra's Bildungsroman
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Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"Why would my liege only mention Goriad's eagerness?! I was wounded too!" - Jarra complained while laying in her bed at her beautiful Seaside Estate, licking wounds and having letters read to her by Maura.

"But it wasn't eagerness that got you wounded."

"What was that?" - Jarra enquired about Maura's inaudible comment.

"Nothing, m'Lady."

Jarra went back with her mind to the battle of Athol Margos:

The hordes were enormous and closing in on the archers when "ADVANCE!" - she heard and saw her infantrymen clench the handles of their shields and shafts of their spears with their preposterous blue gauntlets. The infantry wall was growing thiner and thiner as she looked on in horror at the disfigured animated corpses breaking through; one of them was different though. She took a closer look and saw that this particular animated deadman was absurdly dressed, he had a cloak made of the finest silk but dirty and torn in several places, boots of a peasant, blue braids on the sides of his rotting head and a battered leather armour with most ludicrous inscription on the chest: "If you found this armor without it's occupant, please return it to the most handsome unconscious naked man you'll find nearby. Thanks. -VM". She barely finished reading and felt a dazing blow to the back of her head. Melodic voice saying "stupid child!" filled the darkness that ensued after.

Continued Roleplays of:

Jarra Bennet...

Sounds of metal clanging on metal pierced the ears - whatever does he think - steel clanged again - I'm not one of his soldiers, I'm a noble lady - and again - I'm going to show just WHAA... - Jarra landed flat on her ass with Maura standing above her, lowering her scimtar.

"M'Lady, are you certain that's wise? I can't see what would you need that for." - Jarra's captain offered her hand - "Perhaps you could take a break. We can resume training after dawn."

Altough Maura knew her lady's stubbornness, the new scroll with written history of the first days of the Heralds of Obeah just arrived from temple in Rines, compliments of brother Imra. Jarra hesitantly complied and not an hour later she had her nose burried in the ink-scented parchments. It was already well after dusk when Maura led one of the Forest Hunters into the room: "My Lord Goriad II requests your presence, Lady Jarra." - he said, bowing slightly.
Of course he does - Jarra thought and said - "Tomorrow I move out to Rines, as per orders... his orders. Tell him I'll be... " - she looked to Maura and recalled their last meeting - "Tell him we'll be joining him tonight. Wait! On the second thought, we'll arrive there before you, so I'll tell him myself." - she stormed out the door just as she stood, without overcoat, and with scroll still in her hand.

... and Goriad Gabanus

When Jarra arrived at Goriad II's camp he had only be warned of her approach just before she arrived by one of his scouts and as such he only had time to walk out of the tent when she arrived "Jarra, perfect timing,"  he said "Maura, please go with Sigmund, he'll make sure you have something to drink this night. Jarra, you with me"  he said, but when she dismounted her horse he suddenly noticed the scroll. "Ah you have some news for me, good, what is it?" he said as he pointed towards the scroll further inviting her in.

Jarra explained his error, that it was not a message but in stead a scroll of the faith. "I see,"  he replied, "Much of that is quite clear and can even be considered with logic only, while some of it requires faith and trust in the experiences of others. Why do you have that scroll, do you ponder some questions then?"

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"Much of that is quite clear and can even be considered with logic only, while some of it requires faith and trust in the experiences of others. Why do you have that scroll, do you ponder some questions then?" - Goriad II said pointing at Jarra's scroll.

"Oh that?" - she replied - "Oh no, that's only historical. History of the Founding of Heralds. Tells of the great battle between our Oracle and Akkan, and daimons' smithing by Obeah. There is the inaugural speech for the Veiled Goddess and her Heralds here as well. Do you think it really happened like it's written? With the overlord Akkan and enthralled daimons, and the crowd, and Her Holiness indecent, and..." - she noticed Goriad half-amused half-annoyed - "Forgive the zeal. Feeling comes with understanding, not the other way around. I have a beautiful copy of Sermon in Keffa back in my place, if you'd like to talk about Veiled Goddess, I can go and fetch it." - she grabbed her destrier by the mane and the beast neighed, but Lord Goriad stopped her mid-motion and she returned her hand.

"There is much I still don't know. Before I came to Obia'Syela I only knew reading, riding and broiding." - she said looking at her host expectantly and handed him the scroll.

Roleplay from Goriad II Gabanus

"There is much I still don't know. Before I came to Obia'Syela I only knew reading, riding and broiding." Goriad II escorted Jarra further into his camp, leading her away from her horse "I have a copy of that scroll with me as well. I have no reason to doubt Lady Rania would lie much, so assume the majority of that sermon is truth. Magic is strong here, but never forget the power of the sword as well or you will be dead before you found the strength of magic."

Rather than leading her to his tent and his scrolls however, Goriad II was leading Jarra away from his camp and into the treelines "Do you see these trees? They do not grow anywhere on the colonies, I know because I've been everywhere on that forsaken island, nowhere! But in the lands of Atamara they were as abundant as here," he paused for a moment "While much of this island is the same as my homeland's, there are clear differences to it. Here the daemons invaded the human world seven times now, on Atamara we did not even believe they existed, none had ever seen them. Imagine that!"

He kneeled down, took a small dagger and carefully plucked some flowers "These were my favorite back home," he said as he held the flowers near Jarra, but as she went to reach for them he took them back "Painfully poisonous of course if you know how to process them. If you boil the stem for about an hour with some stomach acids from a human the heat and acids will cause an interesting reaction with the plant and it will create a most deadly and painful poison. All you have to do then is extract it from the stem. As I said, all here is as I remember it, but here our north stops at Melegra, here many of the great southern cities are no longer here, swallowed by the ocean, all the consequences of the deamon invasions from what I've read."

He smiled for a moment as he placed the flowers in a bag "There is something about this part of the world that the daemons come here but nowhere else. Here the veil to the Netherworld is weakest. The rest is simple logic as well. We know there is another world, for it is where these daemons keep coming to strike at us, even if we kill and banish them from our world, there will come a time when they return in strength again, when the veil is at its weakest again. It is only logical that if there is one other world, that there will be others as well, such as that of Obeah. We also know that the deamons demand human worshippers and that this not only strengthens them, but also weakens the veil that keeps them in their world. So we know that the human worship to these deamons opens the way for them to come to us and thus we cannot doubt that the same will work for Obeah. If enough of us pray for her coming and weaken the veil to her world rather than to that of the Netherworld, she will come and only she will solve the issue of the deamons for all times. Her power will strengthen the veil to the Netherworld and will close their path to our world for all times. An alliance between our world and hers, to cast off the Netherworld foregood."

He looked up for a moment "You see, it is not only faith, much of our faith to Obeah is simply logic and logic cannot be refuted. The faith aspect is that we must trust Lady Rania on her world of the presence of Obeah she felt and the events in Keffa, but so many people have seen it and she swears it, who are we then to doubt it still?"

Letter from Jarra Bennet
Message sent to all members of the Inquisition

Towards Rueffillo! Correct? Did I guessed right? Richest non-city region adjacent to Ardmore. We should loot there, should we not? I feel so wise now I could command this army! Make way for Jarra, the wisest lady of them all!

Jarra Bennet
Steward of Athol Margos

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"Maura, don't tell me you penned down all I said?" - Maura just nodded at her lady - "And you sent it already?" - she nodded again - "Obeah have mercy!"

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"What on earth is this?!" - Jarra's shrill shout echoed in her tent when she heard Maura reading the recent letters out loud. - "I have been scared for my life at least three times in Lord Goriad's presence and me he actually likes... I think. Poor old Vahanian will get himself killed! That would be a shame! Such a stately Lord. He never told us a story by the fireplace about how it was in the old times."

"I don't think that would ever happen either way. Besides - it's just to the first blood." - said Maura but Jarra just waved her finger saying - "You know well enough that with Goriad first blood might as well be the last one."

She let herself think for a while and finally said - "Get your quill out Maura, we'll save our nestor Marshal."

Letter from Jarra Bennet
message to all nobles of Obia'Syela

Lord Marshal Vahanian,

My liege Margrave Erheas has the authority to forbid whatever he choses to forbid. As the Grand Templar he has the sovereign rule over all the armies of Obia'Syela with mandate given to him by Obeah herself through Her Oracle Rania Eastersand. That is how I learnt things are in Obia'Syela when I arrived. Has anything changed since them? Can your direct superior be questioned on a whim now?

And I believe Grandmistress mentioned the academy, not the sands of any type. I believe academies have firmed ground, so you would have to bring the sand with you... Athol Margos has beautiful beaches! Sand is the perfect shade of creme'ish beige there. Worry not, my Lord - lapses in memory such as this one should be forgiven to people of your age, so I don't don't think anyone will hold it against you. You can still chose to come to the beach in my Seaside Estate instead of the dueling grounds, I'm sure the former is much safer. If you can keep a secret I can show you a secret passtime to be had there. It's a little bit unbefitting a noble but it's still very fun!


Jarra Bennet
Steward of Athol Margos
Roleplaying / Re: Ingénue - Jarra's Bildungsroman
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Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

Jarra sat in her room flipping a small blade in her fingers, less and less clumsily each time. The room was not much, as was the hut her captain requisitioned from some local peasants when she got injured. It was certainly better than the tent. She immediately rubbed the little star on the side of her forehead and went back to that battle in Avengmil with her memories - her first battle scar.

The seven feet tall beastman, covered in fur, limping from the vicious blow of Maura's scimtar, left behind the line of her infantry unit, assumed to be dying... she then felt so adventurous - what wrong could happen, he's facing away from me and is already dying - she took an enormous swing with her pernach, jumping a bit in the process and heard someone shouting "NO!" - whose voice was that? - she thought as she saw her mace flying right back at her face after bouncing off the thick hide of the beastman that apparently decided to posture up just as the pernach was about to hit him. Afterwards she only recalled blue sky, beastman's head flying somewhere above her, some arms picking her up and then darkness.

The reverie was interrupted by Maura entering the room. After some routine reports Jarra asked about Goriad II, who was now a Lord of Ajitmon and Marshal of Inquisition. Upon learning that he's still unconscious and reminding herself that it was her mistake that cause his injury she enquired:

"Do tell, dear Maura, are there any scattered groups of those beastmen still in Avengmil?"

"We've counted signs of presence of four small groups m'Lady, as soon as they stop hiding our army will dispatch them with easy." - Maura replied.

"That won't be neccessary. Ready our men, fetch my horse, we're moving out."

"M'Lady?" - Maura asked, looking at her lady's forehead as if trying to decide if she's still a bit shaken from the injury.

"Akkan's tongue Maura! It's not alchemy, we outnumber them ten to one. Have our scout track the beasts, we'll improvise from there."

"Yes m'Lady."

Maura departed as Jarra hid the small blade back in her hair-knot. It looked neither as neat nor as insconspicuous as the first time because the trick wasn't as easy to apply as it seemed but it was constantly improving.

Roleplay from Goriad II Gabanus

Goriad II woke up once more this morning and the pain had been much lessened since he was first struck by the beast. As he had ordered his men to advance, he suddenly noticed they were alone and as he looked back to see where the banner of Jarra had been the two units clashed and Goriad II was not paying his usual attention. As his men did as instructed and opened up their ranks to lure in the beasts and cut them a thousand tiny cuts, their lord did not move as his attention had been towards the back. A giant creature, which looked like the mix of a wild boar and a grizzly marched one of its tusks at Goriad II. He turned around too late and was hit in the side and while he managed to ultimately kill the beast with some well placed strikes, he was bleeding badly. As his men heard his cursing mixed with a scream, they turned around and took their Lord of the battlefield who fell unconcious around half way in the retreat.

He sat up in his bed as he called in Sigmund "Get me Jarra in here, now!" His captain wanted to question his master's orders as he had just only come by, was half naked with his wound wrapped in cloth, but he dared not say a thing. "Get him cleaned up," Sigmund said against some of the soldiers, but his master countered his orders "No, I want to see her the consequences of failure of following orders. It's best to learn it young as we did, don't you think?"

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

Jarra was just reading the scroll with Sermon in Keffa when a heavy knock on the doors was heard. She turned her attention to the entrance and when it opened two infantrymen could be seen, not ones of her own - this much she could tell by the lack of blue gauntlets. She turned her attention back to the reading at hand and after a short while her captain indicated that those men were Forest Hunters and forwarded a message that Lord Goriad II is requesting her presence.

Jarra's reaction was ambivalent, on one hand Lord Goriad was trully extraordinary and after events in Melegra and on their way to Ajitmon she was certain that if there was adventure to be had in these wild lands, there's neither better nor safer place to have it than close to this inconspicuous noble hunter; on the other hand however she was certain that the man didn't became who he became by exercising forgiveness and mercy, and she did cost him a pound of flesh. Was it a misplaced letter or a misunderstood order? She couldn't recall, perhaps it was all because of her own injury - she pondered, rubbing the little red star on the left side of her forehead.

There's no point in guessing with that man, he could call me to rearrange my hairstyle for all I know - she thought to herself immediately moving her hand over to the "hairpins" in her hair-knot, even though fewer than originally they still weren't so neatly arranged.

After half an hour of dressing up and making arrangements she stormed out her hut and not a minute later she was already mounting her magnificent destrier. Silly choice - most would think - for someone so poorly armoured, courser would be much more suitable. But ever since her adolescence in Fatexna she had a way with beasts and whatever natural advantage she possessed she was never shy to use it, so she took the strongest, fiercest, most ferocious beast she could find.

On her way to Goriad's camp she encountered Maura and a dozen of her men escorting several peasants. Two of her men she noticed hauling firewood behind the squad, another two carrying big wooden logs. One of the captive peasants was shouting:

"No tribute to false idols! No tribute to false lords!
The true lord comes from the portal
to visit mortal plane
true lord really is immortal
his power never wanes!

Jarra stopped to enquire about the scene:

"Heretics?" - she asked and Maura nodded in response - "What will happen to them?"

"They will be sternly reprimanded." - Maura replied - "Most of them will have to pay fine, double taxation. The most vocal one will be flogged."

Jarra seemed satisfied and continued towards Goriad's camp, deliberating - why would my men carry the firewood? Why wouldn't they have the peasants carry it for them as part of the punishment? Oh, nevermind, it's not even that cold tonight.

Upon arriving young Lady was met by Sigmund, who had apologetic face while motioning towards his Lord's quarters, she couldn't understand why untill she entered... whatever she was expecting, it wasn't that.

During the long silent seconds Jarra's eyes opened as wide as her facial features allowed. Her slightly opened mouth wanted to form a proper greeting but could only mutter out:

"L-Lord Goriad..."

Roleplay from Goriad II Gabanus

Goriad II was sitting upright in his bed, giving orders to servants, soldiers and going through the great many letters he had received untill he heard several men approaching and entering the tent, bringing Jarra with them. She was well dressed as usual, but also had some of his 'pins' in her hair, fewer than he had given her, and not as neat, but she war them. ""L-Lord Goriad..." she finally muttered, before she went silent again.

"Jarra, just the one I was waiting for," he said with a sly smile as he ordered everyone else to leave the tent "Sigmund, none enters, do you understand?"

He got up from the bed, grunting from visible pain but still he got up. As it was summer he only had some cloths on that would resemble a medium sized under garments, although for some reason he was wearing light armor covering up his thighs and also his forearms, although he wore no further clothing on his upper body, just the pads with wolven ornaments.

"The consequences of failure are dire Jarra," he said as he now follow had stood up "I want you to understand that," and Jarra looked quite concerned as she didn't know what exactly Goriad II was capable of and would do. He then placed his hand on his bandages and tore them of in a single yank. Blood started to seep through the wound once more, although it was further covered in herbs as well. "A single failure of an inquisitor, can be the death of another," he said, now smiling. "I was looking back to see where you were and let this bastard surprise me, but they can't kill me this easily."

He placed his hand on his wound, taking up the blood seeping through it on his hand and ensured his entire hand was covered. He then moved to Jarra, placed his two hands on the sides of her head and said "Do you understand the consequences of failure?" As he released her, the right side of her head, her cheak and all, were now covered in a single bloody handprint.

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"The consequences of failure are dire Jarra," Goriad II said as he stood up from his bed "I want you to understand that," - what does he mean - Jarra thought watching him walk towards her. He then placed his hand on his bandages and tore them of in a single yank. At the sight of uncovered wound Jarra went a bit dizzy but she swiftly came back to her senses when Goriad placed his hand on his wound, taking up the blood seeping through it on his hand, ensuring his entire hand was covered. He then moved to Jarra, placed his two hands on the sides of her head and said "Do you understand the consequences of failure?" - the metallic taste of his blood found it's way to her mouth, it was soured with herbs. Her mind was blank, single out-of-context thought that went through her mind was that it's curious how in shocking moments like this one all narrative in your head stops and gives place to a deeper and much less loquacious part of your self. As he released her, the right side of her head and her cheak were now covered in a single bloody handprint.

It took her a while to shake off the initial shock and when she did the question her host asked out loud was still present in his stare. "I-I d..." - she stuttered trying to answer, quickly she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth - "I do." - she repeated in calm voice. Seeing the wild, feral flash in his eyes she instinctively wanted to step back but fought off the impulse. "My unit will join you in line from now on. I can't say what really happened last time, I was recently injured..." - she motioned towards the little star-shaped cicatrizing wound on the left side of her forehead, and mid-motion her finger caught on one of her 'hairpins', when a silly notion crossed her mind - pointless, you silly girl, this may well be the second best warrior you ever met  - she thought to herself waving the tought away and continuing - "... the monster group that injured you, I've ordered my men to form hunting parties, I've led one of them myself, the beasts are all dead. One of them would make an astonishing winter-coat, I tell you." - she laughed studying the reaction of the... half-naked huntsman lord before her, however hard it was for her. Is he suppresing a smirk? - she thought, suddenly outraged and narrowing her eyes she pointed towards the long scar going over his chest - "This one, whatever caused it, looks much worse than the other. Mind to share the story?"

Roleplay from Goriad II Gabanus

"the monster group that injured you, I've ordered my men to form hunting parties, I've led one of them myself, the beasts are all dead. One of them would make an astonishing winter-coat, I tell you." Jarra said to him and Goriad II could not help but imagine how her blue puppets were busy slaying the beast, making loud noises while 'sneaking' up on their enemies. "This one, whatever caused it, looks much worse than the other. Mind to share the story?"

Goriad II's eyes narrowed a bit "Then where is my astonishing coat Jarra?" he said with a very slight smile on his face "And this one, it was a short battle, I think I was only 11 or so when that piece of [email protected]#$ thought I wasn't studying my military strategies hard enough. He was perhaps the greatest swordsmen of that time and the coward self proclaimed warrior King thought it a good idea to fight a boy to teach him a lesson!"  and after Goriad II spoke these words they were both silent for a while untill gave a small pinch to Jarra's cheeck "A good thing I'm a more lenient teacher isn't it"
Roleplaying / Re: Ingénue - Jarra's Bildungsroman
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- FINALLY! - --- - stuff's in chronological order - how events unfolded one after another and when they happened not how roleplays were sent and submited -

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"It would be my pleasure if you would accompany me..." - Sir Goriad II replied - "... but would Maura let you leave with such a dangerous man as myself?"

"Ah, Sir Goriad, perhaps you were a dangerous man half an hour ago, but now I believe most of your weapons are in my hair knot." - saying that Jarra giggled kindheartedly and quickly escaped the tent, looking back to ensure Goriad II follows her out. Outside she noticed that Maura was accompanied by a man, who promptly indicated that he's Goriad's captain and after receiving a brief report, Goriad II informed his captain:

"Good Sigmund, if Maura will allow us, I will take Lady Jarra ahead of the army for a short while."

Maura looked at them for a while gathering words and started saying: "M'Lady I don't think..."

"Oh, but you do..." - she was interrupted by Jarra - "... you do think quite a lot. Mostly about keeping my men in line and ensuring my safety, which I appreciate, but it's highly unlikely that Sir Goriad would plot to do me harm while on route frequented by our entire army. Shush now!" - Jarra concluded seeing Maura raising a finger. Her captain just said:

"Beautiful haircut m'Lady... is it new?"

With that Jarra whistled audibly and not a couple of minutes later a magnificent, white destrier of unparalleled sized was brought by a short boy in preposterously oversized chainmail and blue gauntlets. It looked as if a punt was towing a longship.
With one swift jump Jarra mounted the horse and turned to Goriad II with reinforced poise, saying:

"Shall we?"

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

Few were the books and scrolls but many were the faithfull. Scarce was the stained glass, statues and decorations - spirit and piety were abundant. How strange is this temple - Jarra thought - how unlike the ones I've seen before. She felt not the true calling, she was unsure if she'd recognise the true calling if she felt it but she was certain that the fiery zeal of the Inquisition and pious devotion of the Heralds were not what she felt. Neither could she compare the disposition of her heart with the blazing flames of extatic crowd she saw in front of the temple nor with the smoldering embers of those she noticed meditating silently in the corners.
It may have been ambition that brought her to Beluaterra, it was apetite for adventure that brought her to Athol Margos; was it the need to fit in that led her inside this temple? Was it her purpose when she decided to join the Heralds? Certainly! But it wasn't her sole purpose. She did felt the need to define a cause and goal of her existence, and not just one of this hideously carneous plane but one of more etheral and perennial nature as well. And she felt it long before she entered the temple in Rines. "Feeling comes with understanding, not the other way around" - she recalled one of the very few lessons her cousin ever gave her.

Standing before the administrative clerk of the church with enormous tome of names in front of her certainly wasn't the way she dreamed of becoming a believer, yet her shy nature prevented her from asking for a private audience with the Oracle. Given name, family name, origin; given name, family name, origin; given name, family name, origin... Many rows had empty place in the middle column, those were mostly scribbled with crooked letters. The rows that had all position filled in were calligraphed beautifully.

"This is the register of faithfull, tome 11th, m'Lady. To officially become a Herald you need to have your name written in the register, though many nobles don't bother to do it personally. Then you will need to swear to serve Obeah, embrace her magic and renounce daimons and all things evil. Her Holiness haven't blessed us with official statement of faith yet, so you'll need to speak in your own words. It's intention that matters."

Jarra took the quill and wrote "Jarra Bennet, Flowrestown, Dwillight" then glanced as her captain scribbled clumsily "Maura, Desert of Sillhouettes, Dwillight" leaving the family name column empty.

"Now" - she said, looking at the tiny collection of scrolls she noticed in the temple - "where can I learn more of the Obeah?"

Roleplay from Jarra Bennet

"Now" - Jarra said, looking at the tiny collection of scrolls she noticed in the temple - "where can I learn more of the Obeah?"

The official just shrugged and pointed towards a small wooden stand where a short, bald scholar was copying one of the scrolls. Young lady thanked the official and made her way towards the strange scholar, who greeted her with a frown, clearly displeased that anyone weans him away from his work.

"I wish to learn of Obeah, brother..." - she asked and hearing him mumbling out his name incomprehensibly, she asked him to repeat.
"Imra, it's Imra. And I wish a lot as well! Fresh batch of parchment would be nice and a competent apprent..." - the scholar kept reciting things he would've wished in a half-mocking, half-ranting tone, clearly not intimidated by the noble lady, perhaps he himself was of some lower unknown noble family. When he finally finished Jarra enquired again:
"Brother Imra, what would one have to do to further himself on the path of enlightment?"
"Read the holy scrolls! Our most holy Sermon in Keffa in particular, listen to each word that comes out of Oracle's mouth or from under her quill and pray to Obeah! Meditate, practice magic. Anything that comes from or aims at what lies outside of this mortal plane is a beacon for the Veiled Goddess, practiced in her name and for her grace it brings Her closer to us and us closer to Her." - he replied barely interrupting his work and continued to mumble words as he wrote them - "... Obeah's Heaven, is to be made a place of worship and faith, of magic and study..."

Jarra pondered a bit and exclaimed while taking the scroll he was making a copy of from the wooden stand - "So to further my understanding of the one true goddess I need to read this... Sermon in Kaffa and practice magic in hope for epiphany?"
"Keffa! Sermon in Keffa!" - the scholar replied annoyed and took the scroll back - "And no - there is no one true goddess, many powerful dieties from outside of this mortal plane can be called gods as examplified by misguided followers of Daishi or heretics of the portal. There is but one right goddess. None of the other dieties has both the power and the will to deliver us from the tyranny of the Netherworlds. The Netherworlds is hell brought to earth and Obeah, and Obeah alone can slam the gates of hell on the archdaimon's face! It is up to us to accept her generous gift."

Jarra took on of the scrolls from the side and noticed that on the back-side of each scroll the scholar written several verses, those words she recognized, every believer she met prayed with these words. She read them out loud:

"Obeah guide us. Obeah teach us.
Obeah protect us. Obeah deliver us.
In your light we thrive.
In your mercy we are sheltered.
In your wisdom we are humbled.
We live only to serve. Our lives are yours."

She found beauty in those words and smiled at brother Imra - "I shall repeat it every morning."

"Evening." - the scholar thrown in.
"Excuse me?"
"The veil is at it's weakest during the night. Should we guide enough mystical forces towards the Veiled Goddess she's most likely to pierce the veil in the evening." - he replied.
"But shouldn't the goddess be all-powerful? Why wouldn't she pierce the veil on a whim and at any time she chooses?" - Jarra enquired.
"What would an all-powerful diety need followers for? What would be the purpose of faith and religion if it was all meaningless to ominpotent entity?"
"So she isn't all-powerful?" - Jarra poked the air with her finger as she tried to poke the scholar's reply, but to that brother Imra reacted with a mischievious smile and said - "Why do you assume that it can only be one way or the other? For all we know she may not be all-powerful at the moment, for there may be things she cannot achieve at the moment but if at any moment in time she was or will be all-powerful then her perception may well be - and likely is - unlike anything we can comprehend, perception of time in particular! Being fully aware of the flow of events in her history as they happen one after another, wether designed or merely accepted by her they are still what she choses. As such any event that occurs to anything that concerns the Veiled Goddess occurs with her acceptance and is thus by definition inevitable. Is she grand architect reliving her history in our presence, gently guiding the reality as it is to her own ultimate goal? Is she benevolent but not infinitely powerful being of another plane choosing our deliverance from evil for her passtime? Is she either? IT DOESN'T MATTER!" - he shouted - "It's meaningless to us. The nature of a diety is beyond our capacity for understanding. Mundane creatures pondering the essence of an absolute diety resemble rats pondering the grand designs of an architect - they're simply unable to! We shouldn't focus on what Obeah is in essence, for that would be unavailling effort; we should merely focus on what she is to us and what are we to her. Exactly as rats can't guess the grand design of an architect but it's architect's decisions that enable rats to poke holes through one wall and not through the other." - his self-satisfied smile slowly slipped off his face as he noticed the shiny eyes and held-back yawn slowly forming on Jarra's face.

"You lost me at perception of... did you just compared us to rats?" - she asked. Brother Imra sighed and started waving the scroll he just finished copying in air to help the ink dry. Afterwards he handed Jarra the scroll and said:

"This is what you seek, young lady, it's the first truth Obeah revealed to our holliest Oracle, it will teach you not only of what Obeah is to you and what you should be to Obeah but also many hidden truths about the nature of the magic and relations between our mortal plane and the plane or planes Obeah and wretched daimons come from."

She took the scroll and read several sentences inaudibly:

Obeah is a goddess of Magic. The Heralds believe that life itself is magic, and that humans, unique in all Creation, can channel the power that is their very existence to other planes, and draw power from these planes, in the form of magic. Even among Daimonkind, only their greatest are able to cast even the least of spells, with the rest of their souless legions being little better than...

"So which is it?" - she asked rolling the scroll and hiding it in her cloak. Seeing puzzled look on Imra's face she clarified: "Plane or planes?"

The scholar shrugged and pointed at one of the books near the altar saying "Perhaps one day that truth will be revealed to us."

Jarra thanked for the scroll and bidding her farewell walked over to the book Imra pointed. She read the letters etched on the cover - the Book of Mysteries. She took a quill and penned down:

"In our holy writings mortal plane and a plane other than mortal plane are mentioned. Somewhere else infernal plane is mentioned. Are those the same? Does Obeah come from the same non-mortal plane as Daimons, or from another one? How many are there?" - she pondered for a while and added - "Has Velied Goddess corssed paths with Daimons before? Is that the reason for their enmity to eachother?" - and happily underscored both questions.
BM General Discussion / Re: Villains Needed!
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I've been waiting for a message from him. I'm assuming he's pretty busy right now.
East Island / Re: Democratic State of Highmarch
« Last post by Antonine on Yesterday at 06:06:14 PM »
For the record, my proposed name for this realm was Highmark, precisely to avoid this kind of issue :p

Sadly people went for the Highmarch variant which I mentioned in passing as an alternative form of the same name...
BM General Discussion / Re: Villains Needed!
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any update on this?
Beluaterra / Re: Sacred Obia'Syela
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Too bad though. We could always use more mor excentric characters
BM General Discussion / Re: Villains Needed!
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A hero character too! I always liked that you usually stuck to that.

All 3 of my characters are heroes.... AND THEY WON'T DIE!!!
Beluaterra / Re: Sacred Obia'Syela
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Nah Glaumring should never leave Dwilight. But his other chars are more than welcome  8)

Akrogath of Bel is my good character, sad for Bel but I chose him to be different than the other two characters. Glaumring will never leave Dwilight, he'll die there.
East Island / Re: Democratic State of Highmarch
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I actually thought this realm was called High Marsh at first.
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