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Announcements / Retiring Old Account Page
« Last post by Anaris on March 01, 2021, 08:48:26 PM »
As part of overhauling BattleMaster's authentication system to use a more modern, secure method, we have updated the Account page to also operate through the modern Symfony framework. At present, this will only mean minor visible changes from your perspective as players—with one notable exception.

The old Account page (/userdata.php), which the current Account page replaced four years ago, will not be updated in the same way, and will be retired completely when this update goes live in a week's time.

Because we still have some people using it, we want to try to understand what it is about the old page that you prefer, so that as we work on improving the modern Account page, we can keep that in mind. If you have thoughts on this, please come and share them in the #development channel on the BattleMaster Discord server, or, if you're not comfortable joining us on Discord, in the Development board on the forum or by email at We have no desire to leave people behind, but we can't easily justify maintaining two separate Account pages anymore with our very limited developer resources.
Feature Requests / Re: Access to commands while at sea
« Last post by Anaris on February 15, 2021, 07:49:43 PM »
When you are at sea, those are the options available under Actions.
Feature Requests / Re: Access to commands while at sea
« Last post by Constantine on February 15, 2021, 06:45:32 PM »
How do I access those?
Orders tab is unavailable while at sea.
Feature Requests / Re: Access to commands while at sea
« Last post by Anaris on February 15, 2021, 03:42:16 PM »
Those are exactly the things that are, in fact, available to anyone with a unit when they are at sea.
Feature Requests / Access to commands while at sea
« Last post by Constantine on February 15, 2021, 03:40:21 AM »
Please allow access to unit settings and paying your men screen while at sea.
Announcements / Final Server Transition
« Last post by Anaris on February 05, 2021, 08:41:45 PM »
With many apologies for the long delay, we are at last ready to begin the final steps of moving BattleMaster to its new home.

So, tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 6, roughly 2 hours after the sunset turn (2PM US Eastern, 8PM CET/server time), I will put the game into maintenance mode, rendering it temporarily inaccessible. I will dump complete copies of the database on the old server, import them into the new server, and make the changes in the DNS to have point to the new server. For most people, this should be a fairly quick process, but depending upon the arcane details of cacheing in DNS servers around the world, some people may experience a significant delay in being able to resolve the address of the new server. As a workaround, I will place a link to the new server that is guaranteed to work on the "maintenance mode" page of the old server, so those who keep running into it will be able to access the new server as soon as it is up and running. I expect total downtime to be less than an hour.

There will be bugs, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could report any you experience clearly and promptly, either in #bugtracker on the Discord server or at (which is already fully migrated to the new server).
Development / Re: Priest game
« Last post by pcw27 on February 01, 2021, 08:49:32 PM »
I think part of the problem is the way religion usually turns out in this game. As I mentioned in another thread I've had tons of fun playing priests. Conducting an auto-de-fei in Freke as Turin was more memorable than any battle I ever participated in. The problem is most religions don't get up to such hijinks. Most sit around, tolerate each other and stick to one main realm. It makes for a very boring player experience. If more exciting things happened with respect to religion more people would want to play priests.

I have further notes on that here:,9083.0.html
Development / Reworking Takeovers
« Last post by pcw27 on February 01, 2021, 08:41:34 PM »
Right now, in theory, there are eight different actions that invading armies can use to takeover a region. In practice however there are only two, random violence and freedom celebrations. I cannot remember the last time takeover orders included anything else. I certainly can't recall ever participating in a "balanced takeover". I think either something needs to change to make these other actions practical to use or we should dispense with the eight possible actions and just change them to 'hostile acts' and 'friendly acts' and let players RP what those are.
BM General Discussion / Re: State of the game - 2021
« Last post by Zakky on January 29, 2021, 11:38:35 AM »
Might want to contact Delvin Anaris on discord.
BM General Discussion / Re: State of the game - 2021
« Last post by Elynbrigge on January 28, 2021, 04:28:00 AM »
Hey there all, could somebody point me in the right direction of where to find more info about the hinterlands update? I've seen it mentioned a couple of times in this post but I literally have no idea what it is so I'm rather curious.

 I've been playing the game for approaching two years now and feel like the user base has declined in this time. (This may be incorrect I honestly have no idea) just an observation. I would like to see more people playing the game as I think it has a lot to offer. I still enjoy the game but would like to see smaller maps and more opportunities for war, secession within realms, multiple characters on continents may help this.
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