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BM General Discussion / Re: Prophet Fame Points
« Last post by Gildre on Today at 05:49:32 PM »
Or perhaps the number of regions your religion has touched?
BM General Discussion / Re: Lemon Fame 3
« Last post by Gildre on Today at 05:41:19 PM »
I found a page on the Wiki where Mercer says he got a Fame Point when he hit 800 Family Honour. I have over 800 Family Honour and it would certainly explain one of my mystery points. Any validity?
Feature Requests / Adventurer Emigration
« Last post by Kelrae on July 10, 2020, 04:32:25 PM »
Title: Adventurer Emigration

Summary: Allowing adventurers to emigrate continents.

Benefits: Allow connections between continents for stories to span continents.

Possible Downsides or Exploits: I can't see any, but I'm sure there could be that I might not be aware of.
Helpline / Re: Road Repair?
« Last post by Anaris on July 10, 2020, 03:13:43 PM »
Exactly as you said: when production is high, they repair themselves slowly automatically.
Helpline / Re: Road Repair?
« Last post by Matthew Gagnon on July 10, 2020, 03:13:07 PM »
Oh, cool. So someday that might get to be part of the game? That would be really awesome.

In the meantime, is there anything that can be done to help them, mechanically? How do they repair themselves now?
Helpline / Re: Road Repair?
« Last post by Anaris on July 10, 2020, 02:49:35 PM »
Manually directing some resources to road repair is an approved feature request from some time back.
Helpline / Road Repair?
« Last post by Matthew Gagnon on July 10, 2020, 02:38:34 PM »
What is the mechanism for roads to change? Obviously destroying infrastructure through war can damage them (although honestly in all my time here in the game I've only really tried to look or steal food and tear down buildings... does it happen as a side effect of that, or is there a "ruin the roads" option that I don't remember?) -- but I do not seem to understand how to repair them, or how it works.

I've been told by some people that they naturally repair themselves with population and production being high and restored, and that made sense to me. But I do have to say, in my experience, I'm not seeing that move much in Westgard, even in the regions that are at basically full population and full production. Are some regions simply unable to upgrade forever? Or is it meant to take an exhaustingly long time? Or are there things I can do to try to make it happen easier?

Sidenote: This might be something I might suggest as a feature request. I think investing in road infrastructure, even if expensive, is something that should be an option for Lords, Dukes and Rulers. Just imagining real history, and large scale building projects to build roads -- a lot of roads were slow, self created, etc... but a lot were direct and intentional mass buliding projects.

Gotta tell you, in Westgard, the roads have been so bad for so long even in our best regions, that I would absolutely sink some major cash in to repair them to make travel times less miserable. It really saps a lot of the fun out of things to just sit there waiting to move all the time.

Perhaps it could be a mechanism very similar to rebuilding and upgrading walls? That way it would take time, money, it would be a process, etc?

Just an idea, but one I like, because it would be nice to have a little control over that, especially if we have some capital reserves to improve the realm. 
BM General Discussion / Re: Prophet Fame Points
« Last post by Gildre on July 10, 2020, 05:54:24 AM »
I wonder if there is a time element? Perhaps if a religion has survived for X amount of time it contributes to whether it is "successful" or not...

I will start tracking time milestones as well.
Roleplaying / Re: The Tale of Barrett Brine
« Last post by pcw27 on July 07, 2020, 11:33:20 PM »

Barrett steps off his ship and marches straight for the main square before the palace of Golden Farrow. The city watch has a path of egress cleared for him, which cuts through a rather sizable crowd. Tales of his mutiny had be told among peasants and nobles alike, and of course any event in which the King addressed the people was sure to draw attention.

The mariner arrived at a set of temporary wooden steps before a raised stone stage meant for public addresses. Solomons stood at the top, on a second tier platform so as to stay in view at all times.

Barrett paused a moment and sighed. His terms were met. His crimes would be forgiven and it would all be done according to his code, but still, he was embarrassed that he lost. Without looking back he ascended the steps. The king kept a stern face, not betraying relief, or pity or even satisfaction.

Barrett cleared his throat. 

"I say first, before all witnesses here today that Navarch Solomon has proved himself a man of honor. He is the sort that would put forth even his mortal body in defense of his principles. Some weeks ago I made a wager with the Navarch that if he could best me in a duel I would make public apology for all crimes I have committed against the crown, and swear loyal service to him henceforth. As he did unseem me from hip bone to rib cage I now must keep my oath. Let it be known that this day, Navarch Solomon has the distinction of being the only man ever to make the Great Barrett Brine kneel.

The mariner unstrapped his cutlas from his side and held it, still sheathed in both hands, parallel to the ground. Then he dropped to one knee.

"To all those who were in the military council during the events of my mutiny, I apologize for having insulted you, and defied your orders," he said

"To those nobles who were tasked with hunting for me in the wild north. I apologize for your hardships and the death of your men in battle and due to the elements. 

To Sir Kophyn, I apologize for having slain your men, held you captive and divested you of your raiment. 

Last, and most importantly, Navarch Solomon, as all crimes committed against your subjects are in turn crimes committed against the crown I humbly apologies for all my transgressions."

Solomon takes the sword.

"By the power vested in me as Navarch of Tol Goldora I grant you full pardon. Swear loyalty to me and I shall restore you as a full noble citizen of the realm with all rights and privileges therein"

"Navarch Solomon," said Barrett, "I swear loyalty to you henceforth."

Solomon gestured for him to rise. Once on his feet the Navarch handed him back his cutlass. 

"It is done," he said.

Some applause broke out in the crowd.

I wonder how the song will end now, Barrett wondered.
Development / Re: Holy/Guild Wars
« Last post by pcw27 on July 03, 2020, 09:32:50 AM »
If you've never gotten into a religious war you are missing out. I've had some good times with Turin and Sigurd. Auto De Fe's religious takeovers, persecuting heretics, regions going crazy when your religion is declared evil. I do however notice this kind of fun seems to be the exception rather than the rule for religions.

The problem is it's hard to get people to participate in religions. Church of Aaron took around a year to get up to speed. Now I hear it's basically dead. It has members but no one talks or anything.

I think the devs should consider increasing the paganism penalty. Officially paganism is a collection of peasant superstitions that are supposed to be shameful for nobles to believe in. Unofficially however it's really no big deal. I've never once seen a noble mocked or called out for being a pagan. The fact is it's hard to get people to check their modern sensibilities at the door and act like medieval nobles. That's why we need game mechanics that incentivize it.

Right now being pagan is a very minor drawback for a region lord. In fact they'll suffer worse penalties if they choose the wrong religion. A pagan region lord should get a message along the lines of "The region's lower gentry are horrified that their new lord believes in peasant superstitions rather than following a proper noble faith" and the penalty should be a severe. It could be a penalty to realm stats, or perhaps gold production with further flavor text explaining that many nobles are refusing to pay taxes to a pagan lord. Mere knights can be pagans if it pleases them, but once you're a lord it's time to get serious.

The other thing preventing the sort of scenario PolarRaven wants is that religions are usually highly regional, sometimes even directly tied to a realm. When they're more spread out the religion is probably so tolerant that no one feels threatened by it. The reason a lot of religious strife has happened in the past is that tolerance and persecution varied over time. In the Roman empire for example the Christians were relatively unmolested under the Antonine and Severan dynasties, and throughout the crisis of the Third Century. They were even able to openly build temples. Then the persecutions of Diocletian came around and that really got the Christians riled up. As another example in the middle ages Christian regions might have varying levels of toleration for Muslims and Jews. These groups might build communities for a time only to be driven out soon after. The same is true for Christians and Jews in Muslim lands.
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