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Development / Re: Retirement
« Last post by Zakky on Today at 02:29:42 AM »
I think the discussion is heading toward the right direction.

Obviously disincentives we used to have for old characters did not work. Hopefully incentivizing retiring characters will work a lot better.

Transferring a certain fraction of H/P would definitely be nice. Maybe honour gets cut down (to 25%ish?) but P stays the same? Since Prestige plays a little role in most stuff, it might be a good indicator of how prestigious a certain family line is without checking the family's fame and wealth. Also, it might give people some sort of feeling of continuation of their lineages. (Also they don't have to build up prestige back to be able to choose their subclasses again)

Skill boost: Maybe inheriting 2~3 highest skills? Or maybe even allowing people to redistribute skill might not be a bad idea to encourage them from playing a completely different style of character.

Unit: Maybe allow people to keep their existing unit as well? That way, people can keep their captain as well.

Statue or Monument upon retiring: If the retiring character is old enough + has high honour and prestige + high ranking (duke or gov member) maybe upon retiring, you get to build a statue or monument in the current estate the retiring character is occupying. Of course this will be completely optional since some people probably wouldn't want to make one. Also, it would not be possible for characters who own estates that already have one.
Development / Re: Retirement
« Last post by Glaumring the Fox on Today at 01:54:32 AM »
Glaumring is 115 years old and nothing in battle could kill me. I now play as an immortal priest it seems even though itd be nice to have a heroic death. Maybe,
Development / Re: Alliance Size Restrictions Discussion
« Last post by Glaumring the Fox on Today at 01:52:15 AM »
I welcome this new change.
Development / Re: Retirement
« Last post by Wimpie on Yesterday at 09:47:45 PM »
I can get behind the idea that older characters now could be bothersome realms.
Hell, I even have an 'older' (in his 60s I think?) character duke & lord for ages. I can see how that could become a problem.

For me the problem is that it's just not realistic to have 100+ chars around acting like they are 21. People just don't play their old characters as old [email protected]#$s who are barely able to do anything anymore. Because well, the game mechanics don't burden their actions.

As far as incentives go, I think Lancaster summed up some I would have thought of first hand as well:
- H/P boost
- Skill boost
- Unique Item

Depending on what the old character had.

I'm interested to see more 'incentives'. Because I do bbelieve we should encourage people to not play characters whose age is too damn high.
Roleplaying / Re: The Tales of Nemean JeVondair Renodin
« Last post by Renodin on Yesterday at 04:33:43 PM »


Roleplay from Guldor D'Espana

The rain poured down heavily when Guldor finally rode in his approach to Bescanon, his Black Whistlers jogging at a brisk pace after him. Following the indications he had been given, he saw in the distance the temple of the Triumvirate, where the Phoenix Court was going to be taking place. Looking forward to the warm embrace of a roof over his head and the meal he would no doubt be able to find inside, he rapidly closed the distance until he was able to see a crowd gathering at the entrance of the temple. Curious at first, then confused and worried as he saw two people fighting, he began galloping to get there as soon as possible, signalling his captain to catch up at once.

He finally arrived as Selenia struck Andross to the ground, then immediately dismounted and began searching for familiar faces to ask what the hell was happening and why was the Xerarch dueling the Duke of Blades at a Phoenix Court. He soon learnt what had happened inside, and heavily cursed as he started to think on the possible ramifications of it all.

One thing was certain for sure: this did not bode well for the unity and harmony of the freshly merged realm of Greater Eponllyn.

Roleplaying / Re: The Tales of Nemean JeVondair Renodin
« Last post by Renodin on Yesterday at 04:14:08 PM »


Roleplay from Gilth II Gildre

Gilth had left his Knights of the Rose at a base camp on the outskirts of town, and made his way towards the Temple of the Triumvirate unceremoniously. Guards had set up an outer cordon from the Temple, verifying identities. Gilth presented his Xavax sigil, given to him by Selenia herself. It was no Epponlyn token, but the guards had seen it before and granted him passage up the street.

Rain poured straight down. Gilth looked to the dark grey skies and wondered.

"Windless rain..." he murmured to himself, holding his hand out, "A bad omen."

He pulled back the light grey hood of his cloak and allowed rain to run through his slicked back hair, and he smoothed down his horseshoe mustache. Under his cloak he wore his usual brilliant white tunic with the emblazoned red rose, a gift from Gia Dragonfyre, gods rest her. Brown trousers ran into knee high dark brown leather boots. He wore only his hand-and-a-half at his hip. Surely an arsenal of weaponry was not required for a secure event such as the Phoenix Court.

As he imagined, a crowd was formed at the Temple as he approached. Selenia always had a flare for drawing people to her. However, the crowd was not centered on the entrance of the temple. Instead, it was focused on something outside the temple...

Curiously, Gilth reached the crowd and forced himself through to the front. In the center of the crowd Selenia JeVondair was faced off against a man he did not know. There was a bustle of guards inside the temple, and there were soldiers everywhere outside.

"What in the name of the gods is going on?" Gilth asked a man standing next to him.

"You just get here?" the man asked, and Gilth nodded, "It is madness! The Lord Arbiter Godric accused the Duke of Blades of treason, and Duke Andross felled him, right inside the temple!"

"Godric Tórrarin was felled? Surely you jest," Gilth raised his eyebrows.

"Nay, saw it with me own eyes," the man argued, "Now the Phoenix Queen stands against the Duke of Blades."

Gilth turned from the man and folded his hands across his chest. He gazed at the two combatants, ready to fight. If Selenia was still the Phoenix Queen he had known in days of old, he just hoped she wouldn't kill the man before her before truth was ascertained.

Roleplaying / Re: The Tales of Nemean JeVondair Renodin
« Last post by Renodin on Yesterday at 04:13:26 PM »


Roleplay from Selenia JeVondair

THE PHOENIX COURT: Blood and Honor [pt II by Blint]

June 1019

The tension was palpable.

Andross waited in the rain as Selenia descended the steps to the temple. There was a calm fury in her eyes. It sent a shiver down Andross's spine. She'd removed her armor plates, leaving only the elven chainmail beneath. He was aware of the onlookers, he was aware of Nemean and Hogni watching. He paid them all no mind. He knew what was at stake, he knew that this was a matter of honor. Andross understood how Selenia felt, he understand why she'd drawn her blades in the way she had. But she didn't understand, she didn't feel what he felt. His pain, his anger, his regret, his guilt, his furious, venomous rage. She didn't know. Couldn't know. He wouldn't kill her, he wouldn't even try. He doubted he could. The truth was he was exhausted. His muscles burned with furious rebellion at each movement he made, but he knew there would be no talking, not after what he'd done to Godric.

He loved Selenia, she was his oldest friend, his mentor.  Andross had no desire for the throne, he didn't want to be king. But he wouldn't back down, he wouldn't apologize. His actions were justified. Godric had challenged him. Godric had called him traitor. Godric had gone as far as to compare Andross to Asher. That thought alone was like tasting bile. It made Andross furious all over again. It made him wish he had killed Godric. He was nothing like Asher.

Selenia reached the street, and faced him. There were no words between either of them. Nothing would have mattered, nothing would have made a difference. Andross breathed. He remembered Leatho's teachings. He knew Selenia was faster, moreso now she'd shed the heavy, restrictive armored plates. He knew she was more experienced and better with a blade. He knew aggressive tactics were stupid against her. He resolved himself to defend. Tire her out as much as he could. Andross readied himself, raised his weapons and rolled his shoulders, loosening the muscles that threatened to stiffen in the rain. He knew her first attack would come, stopping it would be like trying to catch smoke with his bare hands, but he would try as much as he could.. Now all he could do was wait. 

Roleplaying / Re: The Tales of Nemean JeVondair Renodin
« Last post by Renodin on June 14, 2019, 07:46:27 PM »


Andross Blint, Duke of Blades, Baron of Tabost meets his challenger Lady Selenia JeVondair, Chief of Commerce of Eponllyn, Royal of Eponllyn, Duchess of Redhaven, Margravine of Oligarch for the agreed duel till surrender.

Selenia has decided to use the 'trick moves' strategy while Andross has chosen the 'defensive' strategy, giving Selenia the advantage.

The duel rages for quite some time and superficial wounds are suffered on both sides. Finally, a deep blow strikes Andross down and his second declares it a surrender.

Roleplaying / Re: The Tales of Nemean JeVondair Renodin
« Last post by Renodin on June 14, 2019, 07:45:57 PM »


Roleplay from Selenia JeVondair

THE PHOENIX COURT: Part III – Blood and Honor

June 1019

Outside the Hall of Elysia, the sky had darkened with the weight of stormclouds. Rain now fell in earnest as many of those that had just entered the temple retraced their steps in exodus. The Duke of Blades, was the first to step out into the rain, but the Phoenix Queen remained in the pulpit a while longer. The first peals of thunder rippled over the temple with such force it could be felt as much as heard. “Hogini, Nemean.” She summoned her sons, both of whom had long served as her squires. When they approach, she gestured with a hand to indicate the plates of her armor. “Help me with these, would you?” With their help, what would have taken her a while on her own was accomplished in short order. As they worked, Hogni spoke.

"Mother,” he said, his voice uncharacteristically hesitant. “Is this really necessary? I mean, this is Andross we are talking about here.

Another plate fell away. Selenia looked over her shoulder, not at him but at Nemean, then down at the floor where Godric’s blood had yet to be cleaned away. Rather than answer, she simply shrugged. If she’d learned anything in her years, it was that civility was not always the right way to address a problem. Sometimes, it took a certain measure of brutality. Especially with the shortsighted. “Come,” she commanded simply when the work was done and began to proceed up and out of the temple. Without her armor, she was more vulnerable, but also far faster. Trading battlefield protection for dueling speed was a tactical choice, and more than a little risky, given her opponent. But this was not a battlefield. And, angry as she was, it would barely constitute a duel of nobility. This was going to be a streetfight, and Selenia was not at all interested in loosing.

Resolute, she stepped form the temple and into the downpour where the Duke of Blades awaited her.

Roleplaying / Re: The Tales of Nemean JeVondair Renodin
« Last post by Renodin on June 14, 2019, 07:44:33 PM »
Here's Nemean doing as he is asked to do.

Hands to the Task

Bulbous to the point where fat would become a better name for the droplets that fell from the clouds above. Nemean wordlessly served Selenia. His hands moving with practiced ease. He averted his eyes and allowed his mind to be blank. As blank as he could manage it.  Repetition, describing the motions and actions he took in his mind. Loosening straps, pulling cords, tugging at the right angle. The pieces of armor came loose.

Selenia tried to make eye-contact but there he also refrained. A battle was a lonesome endeavor. One that should not be clouded with memories or connections. He would not offer her such a connection. A reason to hesitate, to doubt. In his solemn stance he could not resist but follow her gaze as it went from him to the blood on the floor of the temple right beside them. His eyes moved in their sockets but his head remained unmoved.

With the task complete, the Xerarch stood unadorned of her battle armor. Nemean backed off to stand with the crowd. The crowd didn't let him blend in with them. So he just stood there. Trying to remain as calm as he could. His left hand found his right,as they both sheltered under the fighting half-cloak, resting on the buckle of his belt. Rain had created small currents streaming off of the steep slope that was the half-cloak.

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