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Roleplaying / Re: The House of Gardarr
« Last post by Jored on Today at 08:25:42 AM »
Dantooine Ball

[He wishes to invite you to the opening of the Lurian Herald's main facility in Giask in the coming weeks.]

Veronica dismissed the Fitz Roberts entourage from her thoughts and looked at Andrea. "Oh forgive me Andrea, its seems this vintage is a tad too strong for me" turning to Mikael she says "Mikael please be a dear and dispose of this" as she handed him the wine glass.

Mikael nodded as he took the glass from her,"Of course Milady" Veronica smiled at him as he stepped back to mingle with the lesser Nobility, not too close but not too far away if needed. Turning to Andrea, Veronica hooked her arm in hers and prodded her away from where the Fitz Roberts where talking with the other Nobles.

"Oh Giask, I would love to visit the City, is it as marvelous as Askileon. I do hope that the straits from Askileon to Giask will be milder now that Spring has arrived. You know i traveled through the dead of Winter from East Island, it was a nightmare to be on a ship in that weather for weeks. Oh i almost forgot you recently had a baby, how exiting and you kept your figure, you must tell me your secret, not that I intend to be a mother anytime soon, but it is always good to know these things."

Veronica kept talking as she slowly moved to the other side of the ball room, Andrea in hand and Alessio trailing behind them.
Feature Requests / Re: Estate Descriptions
« Last post by JeVondair on Yesterday at 07:41:28 PM »
The same can be accomplished by editing the region page of the wiki and inserting named links to the regional description in game itself.
Feature Requests / Re: Heraldry on Messages
« Last post by JeVondair on Yesterday at 07:36:53 PM »
How about like this + a click2enlarge option? I gave up trying to attach the stupid thing. I sized down the actual coat of arms and placed it next to LETTER FROM.

Also, what happened to attach option here on the forum? Must it be such a pain to attach image files?

Beluaterra / Re: Sacred Obia'Syela
« Last post by JeVondair on Yesterday at 06:41:30 PM »
Goriad has a curious legacy in SOS. He was pretty much lauded by everyone, even his enemies (eyes Blint). He did an amazing amount of work for the Church so even Rania is reluctant to bad mouth him, even now that he's dead.

Anyway, I was trying to sign up a new player yesterday and noticed that SoS has the largest number of Nobles by a pretty nice margin. Presently we have 29 listed and activity seems good. The next largest is Nothoi with 20. I'd say we're doing pretty good folks, I'm really proud we managed that especially considering how far SoS is from the main theater! Let's keep driving!
Roleplaying / Re: The House of Gardarr
« Last post by Jored on Yesterday at 12:05:33 PM »
Dantooine Ball

Veronica came to a stop as she noticed Knight de Medici approach her. This was the first time she had the chance to really take him in, previously she had only glanced him from a distance at court.

He was accompanied by who she assumed was his wife, Veronica felt a blush as she remembered sending him a letter once stating that courting her would take more than just words, only to realize after the fact that he was in fact married.

["Hello there," he says, offering a gentle head bow. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Alessio de Medici, and this is my gorgeous wife, Andrea. She finds your dress beautiful. What might your name be?"]

Veronica beamed at the complement, “Milady’ de Medici … Andrea if I may be so bold, I thank you on the complement.”  Veronica took a glass of wine from a passing servant. “As for my name Sir Alessio, I believe we have met … in writing so to say.”

“I am Veronica, Veronica Gardarr …”

Veronica was waiting on a response, when she heard the Herald pronounce some new arrivals.

[‘Sir William Fitz Roberts and family’ the herald called out]

“…Fitz Roberts …” she whispered as she turned and looked at the new arrivals.

Mikael had also made a move closer towards Veronica; he was not too far off mingling with the lesser nobility, he came beside Veronica and whispered in her ear, his hand on his sword.

Roleplay from Alessio de Medici

The Ball

“I am Veronica, Veronica Gardarr …”

As Veronica was interrupted, Alessio paused waiting for the herald to finish, paying little attention to anything. Andrea, however, had observed Mikael's hand on his sword, perking an eyebrow, before looking over to the herald. Most curious.

After letting the hushed whispers pass, Alessio speaks up once more:

"Ah, so you are the Dame Veronica. It is a pleasure to meet you in the flesh - you truly have been graced. My darling wife wanted to tell you how wonderful she thinks your dress is. Can we ask who made it - we would like to get in touch with the craftsman and-"

Promptly, he is cut off by Andrea. "Sorry for his endless ramblings, my sweet. It drives me mad with him taking ages to get his point across. He wishes to invite you to the opening of the Lurian Herald's main facility in Giask in the coming weeks. If you would like, that is." she smiles, taking her husband's hand. She gives one final look over to Mikael, not saying anything.
Feature Requests / Re: Heraldry on Messages
« Last post by Zakky on Yesterday at 03:33:09 AM »
Character portraits on every message? That sounds like a bit much.

Maybe for just RP messages then?
Feature Requests / Re: Improving Adventurers and Trade
« Last post by feyeleanor on Yesterday at 01:54:15 AM »
I like some of these better than the trading thing :)

If I wasn't a good-for-nothing PHP hater I'd even offer to code some of them ;)
Feature Requests / Re: Heraldry on Messages
« Last post by Chenier on Yesterday at 12:59:35 AM »
lol, put it next to the signature, and scale it according to the number of lines the signature has! Then we can all whip ours out and how how BIG it is! ;)

But nah, I don't really like the idea of spamming too many images everywhere. A small icon next to the name, maybe, at most. But even that, I don't think I'd like.
Feature Requests / Re: Estate Descriptions
« Last post by Chenier on Yesterday at 12:57:55 AM »
Empty descriptions kind of detract from the atmosphere, imo. It's like those region descriptions, every time it's empty or really half-assed. Just makes one sigh and go "after all this time, no one could be bothered???".

Also, all estates are reset when a region is lost, so...
BM General Discussion / Re: Discussion on Monsters
« Last post by Chenier on Yesterday at 12:56:25 AM »
Creasur needs to be sacrificed to Mordok!  ::)

Yea, in BK we've pretty much given up hope. We'll stuff Wudenkin with militia, and run it on low rations ad eternam. We'll be too poor to afford a mobile army, not that it matters because all the hordes are bigger than we could afford to defeat anyways, but hey, at least we get to enjoy that sweet, sweet density everyone's craving so hard.
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