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Recruitment Center based on luck

Started by Brennaborg, November 26, 2023, 10:36:30 PM

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As a rural lord, I was asked to build a not crappy recruitment center. Luckily you can dismiss a proposed RC and get free options next turn. However, it is even then still a game of luck - favoring the player who is willing to spend months at his region. This is not very fun - especially since rural provinces do not have the odds in their favor.

I would like to propose something not based on luck.
- Units get a new stat: terrain. This gives them bonusses when fighting on certain terrain, based on their region of origin. Thus, archers from a woodland region will be more effective in the woods. Mixing simply takes a weighed average of the stats: if you mix 10 woodland archers who are 30% more effective in the woods with 10 mountain archers who are 20% more effective in the mountains, then the result will be 15% more effective in the woods and 10% more effective in the mountains.
- Building more of the same type recruitment center, will cause the new center to be more elite, having higher training. So building 4 archer RC's, will cause the last one to have the most elite archers from your region.
- If troops from higher level RC's are recruited, they will be quicker replenished if your lower level RC's have units available.
- Building more smithies will allow better armor and weapons.
- If soldiers from one of your RC's are drafted, you get 'military experience', boosting starting cohesion of soldiers from you RC's.
- Your vassal knights give boosts to RC's with soldiers of their unit type.

In short: make the quality of the RC's depend on in game situations instead of luck.


I have plans to overhaul the RC system in ways that are, in parts, similar to what you describe, with some other aspects—in general, to make them either no longer or at least much less based on luck at the time you create the RC. (There may be some luck in whether you get the resources you need to build this type or that type, however.)
Timothy Collett

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I look forward to it. Especially how the resources will be used.

No need to rush: building RC's is luckily only a small part of being a lord.

Some luck is of course no problem: a lot of parts of the game have some luck involved. It is just that currently the RC's have a lot of luck involved.