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For your entertainment, from the wiki

The right way to play the structure is to pass responsibility down the chain or delegate. The general should set the high-level missions for each army, and let the marshals handle the details such as when to move where or what formations to use. The marshals, in turn, should check what really needs to be managed by them and what can be left to be decided by the individual knights.

The Wrong Way
Three oft-repeated comments on this command structure are that it is "inefficient", that it takes a long time for orders to reach anyone, or that it requires generals and/or marshals especially to log in very often or right after the turn.
Whoever tells you that is playing the wrong game the wrong way and should remove his thinking organ from his posterior body opening. Sorry for stating it that harshly, but lots of people won't get it otherwise.
What's behind that is the mindset of people who play strategy computer games, in which they as the player control every single unit on the battlefield. Well, guess what, BattleMaster isn't one of those games. The units control themselves: there are other players leading them, who want to have some fun and make some decisions too.

This one is also nice


The General is the authority for organising the overall military strategy of the realm. Within the realm, there may be one or more armies, each one under the command of a Marshal, assisted by his Second-in-Command. The General produces the strategy, and sees to it that his Marshals organise their armies to implement it.
It is important to understand the difference between the General and a Marshal.
The Marshal organises the nobles of his army, and gives military orders. These may vary from line settings for battle, to movement orders, to suggested units to recruit.
The General keeps overall responsibility for all armies, and gives them military strategy and direction. He does not order the individual troop leaders, delegating this to the Marshals. It could be the General's role to decide which regions to try to take over, or which to loot. He might decide the goals and the outline of a plan to attack another realm, but would leave the exact details to the Marshal. The General could also be involved in organising region militia.
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Re: General
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Lets not show this in PeL thanks :D
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