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Omni Amor Veritas: Beginnings :)
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Shin Shenron: Visions

The sky glistened that night. The palace of Fissoa was as usual, orderly and dull, but tonight something was different. Black eyes surveyed the cityscape below, betraying the furious thought that penetrated the owners head. Shin had a pipe to his mouth, inhaling large lungfuls of tobacco smoke and then releasing it slowly into the night. After a few minutes of concentrated thought, he gave up trying to find what ebbed his consciousness and swivelled his chair back round to face his desk. A man sat opposite him. Shin should have been alarmed, he should have fell back from his chair but he was not surprised for some reason. The figure adjacent to him was enormous, perhaps even seven foot tall.
   "Father?" Said Shin. Still showing no sign of anything being wrong.
   "It's been a long time," said Kazuma. Smiling like a large bear. "Your career is coming along quickly, you are far less stubborn than I was."
   Shin was startled now, but not because of the strangeness of the situation, but because he realized he had missed his father. It had been a long time since his death in the mysterious estate burning in Ornaz.
   Shin said with watery eyes, "I've missed you, father."
   "And I, you." Replied the huge man. "But I've not come to discuss pleasantries. Orphen is alive, I have heard reports of it from Idapur."
   "The Prophet Orphaea?"
   "The very same." Kazuma's eyes showed a red tint. "This does not bode well. If Orphen is once again alive then what I suspected is most certainly true. Orphen is, and was, an Aenil. There is no other explanation for his strange exploits while I served him. The obvious implication is that the Aenil are not random beings as that blasted church would have us believe."
   Shin looked disturbed. "Father you were on the council of the Magna Aenilia Ecclesia!"
   "Do I sit on that council from the grave!" Retorted Kazuma harshly. "Don't you see? The 'aenil' are no more than servants for something greater. Something with a plan. There is a great force at play here. A great father. Do you see that Shin?"
   Shin hesitated. "I'm not sure what you're saying..."
   Kazuma's eyes widened. He leaned forward on the desk, his huge frame engulfing Shin's view. "Don't you see." He repeated, now showing a huge set of teeth. A set of teeth impossible for a human.
   Shin placed his feet on the desk kicked himself away from the desk, just quick enought to avoid a gigantic claw that Kazuma had somehow obtained. Shin put his hand on his face. No, he thought, he's hit me. Shin could feel blood on his face and he could hear laughing, deep laughing...

"Hahaha! Lord Shin you have fallen asleep once more!"
   Shin bolted upright in his chair. He could feel salty tears had tried on his face. Instantly he looked out the window to see a bright morning.
   "Is anything the matter Lord Chancellor?" said his aide, now worried.
   Shin composed himself and looked the man in the eye. "Does it look like there is anything wrong, you fool. Get back to you duties!"
   He then turned to the window. Wishing to see his father once more.

This is a narrative that will be one of which I will be writing to explain the founding of a new religion I am planning to make on Dwilight. Please feel free to comment. Note: the actual religion may not be founded for a few months, this mainly deals with the drama that comes beforehand.

Please feel free to comment.
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Re: Omni Amor Veritas: Beginnings :)
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