Author Topic: How to write a helpful bug report  (Read 8207 times)


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How to write a helpful bug report
« Topic Start: September 27, 2011, 09:23:07 AM »
When you are posting to the bugtracker, there are two ways to do it. One is frustrating for us and unlikely to get you the help you want while the other is helpful for us and likely to get you a fix or an answer.

To make a helpful posting, no matter what it is about, always:
  • use the bugtracker, not the forum, not IRC, not a mail to someone, not the "all realm" channel in-game - use the bugtracker, that is what it's there for and it is the only place we actively monitor for new bug reports. If you don't have and don't want to create a bugtracker account, use "guest" for both login and password.
  • be as specific as possible - include the page or the action that you are talking about and describe exactly what's going on. Copying the URL from the browser address bar is an excellent way to let us know exactly. Don't assume that we are telepaths and know what you're talking about. Imagine that this is the first time we're hearing about whatever problem you have, including the fact that there is a problem at all.
  • check if someone else had this problem already, and what the answers were. Getting the same bug report twenty times doesn't make it one bit more urgent to us, it merely uses up time that we could spend actually fixing it. If you have something to add, add it to the existing report instead of creating a new one.
  • try to duplicate the problem, at least once. Sometimes, things just act up, and it works fine the second time around. And if it's a problem that happens only occasionally, it helps if we know that, because otherwise if we test and it works, we'll discard it.
  • testing or stable? That is an important difference. If you don't know, look into the URL of the page - it often contains either "testing" or "stable" after the "" part. If it doesn't, then it's not important. But if it does, then it is important, so let us know.
  • please be factual and objective - that a bug made you angry and caused your realm some damage doesn't help us in finding it. If you need to express your feelings, do it seperate from the facts. We care, we want you to enjoy the game, but it simply doesn't help when it comes to finding and fixing the issue.
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