Author Topic: What the heck is Epic if his lair is underwater?  (Read 5689 times)

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Hey guys, remember that game The Dream? There were three regions associated with each inhuman faction, which mostly made sense. Undead were at a graveyard (Find them among the dead), daimons were at this lava flow that made no sense (Find them closest to their portals...volcano=daimon portal?!)  :o

But for monsters, find them where their prey is. Hm...if I remember... "Men is prey lol", the bottom of a lake. Mermen?  ;D

This is just a bit of non-serious wild speculation about the strangeness of the world that we dreamed about during the 4th Inv. Guess the stress cracked our subconscious minds huh. Oh, and I liked how I could sidestep up a mountain and look at the world atop it and see...trees.