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Re: Fiber optics, single mode && multimode??
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Yeah, I'm it as far as technical staff goes, and I have pretty minimal experience thusfar with fiber, hence the question.

The purpose of this fiber network is just to make data connectivity available throughout the manufacturing building.  I don't expect to be moving large volumes of traffic, aside maybe from data from IP cameras.  Even then, I don't expect to fill up a 1 gig pipe with that traffic.  The rest of it will be for PLC/machine tools, some workstations and IP phones, maybe a few access points, but the traffic needs (aside from the IP cameras) should be quite small.

In fact, this fiber plan should give me throughput of up to 10Gbps, while my switching equipment will likely only handle 1Gbps connectors.  But having that extra potential bandwidth on the fiber gives me growth for the future.

I appreciate all of the answers and insight.

you should look at the total cost of a multi-mode versus singlemode implementation--fiber cable, install/termination, GBIC's, etc. For the distances you're talking about, the cheaper LED GBIC's aren't an option.