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Re: Eastern Half of the South
« Topic Start: October 04, 2011, 12:59:48 PM »
If the rest of the map is going to have as many cities as this, then I think it'll end up much too busy as it'll have around 20 cities. Personally I'd rather see 1 larger city in that area with some smaller towns and then innumerable villages (no need to show those on the map as we can just make them up as and when we need them). The same applies for each part of the map. But then, this is your map, not mine, so if you want to make it busy then you can make it busy :)

A few things that I noticed immediately:

1) 5 of the cities/towns have rivers through them, the only exception being the desert city. Whilst I realise cities should be founded near a source of water, it just seems a bit repetitive to me. Perhaps instead some of them should be have nearby lakes instead of rivers cutting through them?

2) Your rivers seem to come from the ocean. My knowledge of how rivers work may be off, but I thought they ran down hill from mountains, because if they came from the ocean then they rely heavily on tides and can't spread very far or cut out the landscape? You don't actually have any rivers coming down from the mountains which seems a little odd to me (or is the one between Zakilum and Maetir supposed to come from the mountain?)

3) The desert just seems placed, not natural. A desert seems to indicate a hot landscape, but it's in the middle of two temperate bits of land. This either means that the north island is temperate/frozen, or the amount of magic in the world is messing things up (and I'd rather not use that as a reason).

4) Can you have a desert so close to the ocean without having trees and other greenery? I thought the presence of water usually meant that green things could grow?

Overall, it just seems much too busy. I'd much prefer you modelled the whole map at the same time and said "this bit is desert with a city around here", "this bit is frozen with no large city, only many small towns". Basically guiding the map, instead of stating where everything is.