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Re: Eastern Half of the South
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1) I will probably adjust the size of cities now that I know photoshop can enlarge this map very well.

2) rivers do not come from the ocean obviously. I can connect all the rivers to the mountains if that is what you want.

3) Deserts do not appear out of no where. The desert is there because it is on the line of the tropic of Capricorn. The north will have some deserts as well as it will be on the tropic of Cancer. The colonies will in the equatorial zone - hot, humid, jungle etc. I might connect the mountains to make it look like the eastern part of the continental plate is pushing into the western part.

4)Middle East?

I probably named cities a bit too many. I will only be naming 3-4 major cities in the south, 1-2 cities in the colonies and none of the north.