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Re: Sanguis Astroism
« Reply #15: October 11, 2011, 05:17:48 AM »
LOL ah well then I guess I will have to make some changes then I did not want peace with everyone I actually have a plan I am working on to cause war. Thanks though for helping me out.

Creed does not want to be a hippie of SA!

Though I will tell you one thing I blew up the message boards in SA  lol. Did not think it was going to get that big.

You start a debate in SA at your own risk. They almost always blow up. Especially when you put the words 'Prophet' and 'infallible' in the same sentence. It also probably doesn't help that you started coming up with new theology. Yep, you are almost certainly going to end up as the defendant in the first Magistratum trial we've had since... Allison's second trial? Maybe Garret's? I can't really remember which one came first...