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Re: Concepts
« Topic Start: October 20, 2011, 10:04:48 PM »
Yes, "5/5/5 Fire/Perceive" doesn't seem all that useful, unless you want to know where every fire is in the adjacent 500 square miles.
Err... no? That would be a 1/5/5 spell. At an effect of 5, you would perceive everything that is possible to perceive. You would know when and how the fire started, who started it, with what, everything that is has burnt so far, everything it is currently burning and at what speed, you could basically ask any question about any fire within the area of effect and get it answered.

But perhaps rather than redefine the base/intent system, some of the interpretations of the combinations need to be redefined. Why can't you "control/death" to raise the dead? Seems logical to me...
yeah, me too.

Such a relaxation of the interpretation of the base/intent system would let us do a lot more without completely redefining the system.
It was meant as being a relaxed interpretation. What I don't want is people going around gaming the system. Killing someone always requires an Intent to Harm, you can't do it as a side-effect of, say, a Create spell. Likewise, you can't use Water to do some stuff with the blood of someone, because that's a mechanical view - a holistic/magical view would consider blood as a part of the body.

Those are cases where I stopped the far-fetched interpretation. That doesn't mean everything has to be perfectly literal.

I do agree that the continual 1/hour XP/Power regeneration is a bit much for the pace of the game. You can just not do anything at all, and become very powerful. And intentional delays become useful metagaming maneuvers. Wasn't the "certamen" concept supposed to take care of this? Each player involved should lay out the energy they have to work with at the beginning of the certamen.

This is what this thread should focus on. I kind of like automated-over-time things, because it means people don't have to play to get ahead. But it's a problem when it doesn't fit the pace of the game.