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Re: Concepts
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What if (idea based on turns!):

were to regenerate only by 2 methods:-
  • A repeated burst low_regenerated value(depending on the casters stats) after a turn, 12 hours as mentioned by 'Zakilevo'
  • A burst of high_regenerated value after a forced resting(resting period could be defined as per a turn where a caster cannot cast spells_but could RP something during that duration_could be trigger check to cast spells)

Mana or Energy
could only be regenerated, only by the following
  • Via a ritual, which would then generate mana/energy after a turn (base on casters act and stats). This could be the starting definition for a spell caster, where a caster defines how he would generate mana/energy! (and as spell casters get more experience, a caster could have multiple ways to regenerate his mana/energy_ie..can unlock or do different ritual after attaining certain level of experience or requirement)

    Ritual <call something valid> (like Ritual Meditate)
    The caster draw's a rune around the location he would mediate, burning incense sticks to call upon the spirits to rejuvenate his divine energy.

    Will exhaust all 'Concentrations' and regenerate mana/energy with respect to casters power

    Ritual <call something valid> (like Ritual Sacrifice)
    The caster sacrifice's an animal to convert the life force of the being as it were just before death, and fill it as mana/energy into the caster

    Will exhaust all 'Concentrations' and regenerate mana/energy with respect to casters power.

    The ritual to generate mana/energy has to be specific or could be generic to casters, would depend on their main skills or series of skills the spell casters posses.

    But it has to be limited..

(sorry for the bad rp_it was meant to be an example and the multi_edits)
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