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magic numbers
« Topic Start: October 22, 2011, 11:50:25 PM »
Ok I understand the need for halting RP at a moment like that...and it was poorly written, should have implied my desire/preperation to do that action rather then saying it was done.

However I need a bit of help understanding the math so that I fully understand.

Control was the intent... my skill level 4
Mind was the base, again my skill level 4

intent/base/time for this was 2/2/5

Based on every 5 points = 1 shift, 7 shifts indicates that the spell was (7x5) 35 levels higher then I should have been able to cast.  So what caused the level to be so high?

So I tried the same thing again with this below to see how many shifts it came up with.
2-2-1 = 0 shifts
2-2-2 = 2 shifts (2 shifts indicates that it was 10 levels higher then my ability?)

So what is the math for this?  Is there a number that I am missing at the start such as a base level for any spell?

repost out of the RP so i can get more talky talky about it.

I know i dont need the numbers for the sake of the game... but I would like to know the math so I know its right