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Since I'm sure the question will come up:

--- Quote ---Why is Beyond the Blight not free?

--- End quote ---

That has two reasons.
First, it is much easier for getting it published. Publishing services don't work for free, so the best deal available to small, unknown authors like me is finding one of the services who offer to do your self-publishing for you - at a cut of the book price. Since they want to earn something to pay their bills, that price is by necessity not zero.
Two, as some of you may know, I have founded my own company in 2011. That means I need a justification towards myself when I do things like this, because I could do work that puts bread on the table in the same time. While the book would have to become a bestseller in order to give me the same income I make as a professional in my real job, it does satisfy my consciousness if I make at least a little money.

Nice! The expansion turned out to be something I wasn't expecting again and it sounds great. My study books can wait a day! Didn't know you had your own company, but I'm sure we will all cheer on the thought of the book becoming a bestseller ;)

On that matter.

If everyone who is interested in it buys it on the same day (say... the release day...) it might have a chance to reach a spot in some Amazon top seller list or whatever, which then creates a feedback process where people get interested and buy it, keeping it on top, etc.

I know it works for iPhone/iPad apps.

Does it work on a normal computer as well? Is it going to be in a PDF format or something like that?


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