I have not bought "Beyond the Blight", because...

not interested
29 (31.9%)
too expensive
6 (6.6%)
waiting for the iTunes/Nook release
4 (4.4%)
don't have an e-reader
20 (22%)
purchase doesn't work / no credit card / not available in my country / etc.
8 (8.8%)
other (please detail in comment)
24 (26.4%)

Total Members Voted: 86

Author Topic: Beyond the Blight - not selling well ?  (Read 14121 times)


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Re: Beyond the Blight - not selling well ?
« Topic Start: January 13, 2012, 12:19:51 PM »
The way I see it (Which is totally just a personal opinion that matters nothing, but hey, you asked for me to explain in Other) is that this is paying for information.

I understand that it might not actually provide any real advantage to people who read the book. But, the opposition I have is not the actual contents or the actual consequences, but rather the perception.

As far as I was ever concerned, BM was a game where I could get everything anyone else could get without paying. I just needed to have the smarts, the willpower, and to be in the right place at the right time. Donating would only give another character, but even that was balanced in the limits placed on characters per continent anyway.

But a book, a potential OOC aid that would, in fact, mean that those who pay receive an advantage over those who either do not or cannot pay? Again, don't go on about how this point isn't true. I'm well aware that this might not have been Tom's intent. I am also aware that the stories might not have any material that is actually helpful for this Invasion. But the perception remains that it has weight in the current Invasion. If this was written after the 5th was over, and it was absolutely certain that there would be no further invasions, or at least, that the Blight would not factor into future invasions, then there would be no perception that the book is a potential OOC advantage given to those who want to pay for it.

I joined BM originally because I wanted to play a free online competitive game where your own skills, actions, and words, made the difference, not how much you could pay. And now that there's a book called "Beyond the Blight" when there is Blight all around in-game on BT, then, regardless of what is actually true, there is a compelling gut feeling that doesn't sit well with me.

Yeah, it's unfair. But I'm just explaining a reason I have (other than just "I'm cheap").