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Beyond the Blight - not selling well ?

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The e-book "Beyond the Blight" isn't selling well. To be honest, sales are so far below my expectations, that I'm wondering if something is broken or what's going on.

Please help me find out what's going on by answering this short poll. It takes less than 30 seconds.

Haven't bought it yet because I'm waiting until I'll actually have time to read it.

When I saw that there was an e-book, I was honestly disappointed there wasn't an actual physical book I could buy instead--this was actually the first thing I looked for. Call me old-fashioned, but I like reading to be with an actual book. That and it looks cool on the shelf, and then people can wonder what it is, and pick it up and read it, and ask questions, and I can recruit them :D

That and I don't really own an e-reader. I'm sure my cell is large enough with it's 4.3 inch (10.92 cm) screen, and I could read it on my computer but... Still like books to be actual books.

^exactly what he said :)

To even get a modest production run of a physical book would likely cost Tom $2-5k, all upfront. This would not be with any distribution mind you, that is just the average cost of what they call vanity publishers. He would then either need to find a distribution group willing to take him on, or would have to do it all himself, have us put the money into paypal, work out postage cost himself and send it all off. It would be nice, but unless there is a service out there that I'm unaware of, its just not practical. Of course there might well be some new services, I haven't looked into publishing since I helped a friend self publish a book on meditation a few years ago.


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