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The Sparkling Cookies of Justice!
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"Owie, my head hurts..." A short and lithe, pale-skinned, red-eyed, light blond-haired girl rubbed the top of her head as she winced at the sore spot atop her skull.

Just as she thought the pain was subsiding, a rough pat on her head made her shriek loudly, causing the hand to recoil. Spinning around furiously and giving an angry pout, Kylen, the girl, tried to look angry but only managed to look disoriented before falling back into the bed. The young man to whom the hand belonged shook his head of messy brown hair.

"Seriously, little Kyle? You fell unconscious from a crate of your own cookies? How embarrassing. This is probably more embarrassing than the time I was with two of the serving girls from the--" Before he answered, the heel of Kylen's foot snapped sharply against the man's bearded jaw.

Kylen, seemingly recovered, shouted in a high-pitched voice, "I don't need to hear your perverted stories Maroon! And stop calling me Kyle! I'm a lady!"

"Tch, you sure don't act like one." As soon as Maroon finished, another kick met his right temple. "You know, sis, you're giving me quite the view. Ah, if only you weren't my sister. Well, we're not blood-related, though I hear in some parts, even blood-related siblings aren't--Ahh!!!" Maroon's scream was cut short by several crates of multicolored star-shaped cookies falling on top of his head.

"You are noisy. Let me have peace. I need peace before death." A new person poked his head into the doorway to Kylen's room while Maroon continued to twitch beneath the pile of cookies. He was tall and broad-shouldered, but his expression was very blank. His empty brown eyes stared aloofly at the brother and sister pair, and his black hair and beard were growing out of control.

Kylen waved happily at the young man, and greeted him. "Hi Perry! You know, my Prime Minister is called Perry too! That's so like, cool, right?"

Peregrin, the full name of the one Kylen called "Perry", simply shrugged.

"Ugh," groaned Maroon as he dug himself out of the cookie crate pile, "You're assaulting a member of the clergy! Come on sis, can't you be a little more reserved and feminine around me? You're nice to everyone else but me." Kylen shot Maroon a murderous glare, and then immediately made the expression disappear as she smiled brightly at Peregrin. Maroon followed her gaze, and leaped in surprise when he saw his cousin Peregrin.

"Woah, Peregrin! Didn't notice you there. Uh, how' Being heroic and all, yeah?"

"I still live. Must die in battle. Must become an hero." Peregrin's response came back monotonously.

Maroon looked uncomfortable, and Kylen's right eye began to twitch. "Well, great. Good luck with that I guess." Maroon clapped a hand on Peregrin's shoulder and turned him around. "Now let's give little Kyle some rest."

"Hey I told you don't call me little Kyle!" Yelled Kylen, though by the time she finished the two men were out of the room, the door was shut, and the star-shaped cookies were still scattered on the floor.