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Re: Reworking Trade
« Topic Start: January 26, 2012, 12:01:20 PM »
The main purpose of this change is simplification - both for the players and for the coders. The current system is a mess, code-wise, and that's why it is so buggy, intransparent and just horrible.

The new one is a ton easier. Just looking at how simple the new trading page is while offering more functionality, I am quite happy already.

I'm not sure I understand the role of the trader correctly. I can see how a region Lord may want to become a trader to make his region a trade hub, and possibly profit from it. But how exactly will non-Lord traders help? Will they just be able see the offers and report them?

What about caravan paraphernalia?

Lord + Trader will be a powerful combination. But traders do not have to be lords, they can work as "brokers" of deals and make a nice profit without ever having to worry about details such as where to store the food.

The caravan paraphernalia will most likely go away. Otherwise we'll never get people away from the mindset of the trader as a travelling salesman.

Frankly, that's a commoners job. We may be adding infiltrator and trader commoner classes in the future, though.