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Re: Reworking Trade
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I don't see how this would make things simpler. So unless someone takes the time to organise the construction of warehouses all across the realm, lords will be unable to follow the army the entire time as they would need to travel to either their region or to a region with a warehouse. Also, what about armies in enemy realms, how could lords give orders there, or does the entire food movement need to be planned out before the army heads out?


Still someone has to watch the buy and sell orders to make sure lords post their food for sale, this won't change as how it's done at this moment.

Alright, either a banker or duke needs to poke the lords, it still requires the attention of one to talk to lords about it.

For the moment Tom doesn't want to add any automatic features, just a simple system to start with. At least that he said via mail.

I'm not keen on the restrictions to accessing the market system either. However I understand why they are there. My concern is that on the islands that have daily harvest, without some sort of automatic system we will possibly put a lot of pressure on Lords or Stewards to be in a position to update the orders.

 Co-ordinating the building of Market Places would be no different to co-ordinating the various infrastructure we already do.

If you need to constantly poke the Lords to set food, you appointed the wrong nobles to the position. Sure there might not have been anyone better, welcome to the hassles we all face when the wrong person is doing the wrong job.

I'm not sure I understand the role of the trader correctly. I can see how a region Lord may want to become a trader to make his region a trade hub, and possibly profit from it. But how exactly will non-Lord traders help? Will they just be able see the offers and report them?

What about caravan paraphernalia?

Exactly what Traders will do is under discussion now. As I understand it they don't need caravans, so I'm guessing when they purchase food, they can choose where to direct it to.
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