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I'm working with Createspace to get an actual paperback book of Beyond the Blight published.

Based on sales numbers from the e-book (abysmal, to be honest), I've decided that this is basically a collectors item, so it will be 70 pages, colour print, I've designed a new high-resolution version of the BM logo and the cover artwork specifically for it, but it will be $12.95 - which I totally agree is rather expensive for a slim book. But as discussed in the other topics, getting something printed in low volume at all is not easy at all.

I'll let you know when it's available. You should be able to order it from world-wide, or through the createspace store. If you want to support the game, order via the later, as I get almost no royalties from the former (else I would've had to make it even more expensive).
What about book signings?


--- Quote from: Artemesia on January 31, 2012, 11:54:50 PM ---What about book signings?

--- End quote ---

I think for this to work you are going to need to post your book to Tom and have it posted back. These sorts of small order publishing runs usually go straight from the publisher to you. Part of the advantage is the vendor, in this case Tom, doesn't have to deal with keeping stock and posting stuff out himself.

Exactly. The problem is that I never see the copy you get. Now if you somehow manage to bring it to me, I will be happy to sign it.

In other news, I have just ordered the proof review copy. Once I've seen that and found it to be adequate, printing can commence.
So if I send it to Tom (In Germany...Hm, it might actually be cheaper to just place the order to his address instead of delivering it to me, and then packaging it again to him...) and send a note saying "It's me, please sign it" with a return address, it'll work?


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