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And so, from this thread, we can learn one thing definitively:

Whether or not there is a clan that has taken over Fontan, the fact that there was a clan in Thulsoma, that took over Averoth, that shares some players with Fontan (and these facts are not, I believe, in dispute) has led to deep OOC bitterness and anger on all sides.

This, I think, is the worst danger of clans. The witch hunts. The recriminations. The belief, even years later, that your realm was destroyed unfairly by a clan you never had a chance against.

This is the sort of thing that can ruin a game's community. And this is why I appeal to those who did participate in the Saxon realms: Please, do not go around to any other realms en masse and take them over. You can have fun in this game without that. In the long run, you can probably have more fun.

And while being able to be certain of winning all the time may be fun for you, it destroys fun for other people, far beyond the direct effects of defeating them in wars and destroying their realms.

And this is what happens when you challenge their behaviour - they come out and they start directly insulting players with images, and denying it all ever happened. What next? They'll start putting out explicit pictures involving the names of characters or players? I'll get harassment for speaking to Tom in the first place?