Author Topic: Fontan's Surprising Strength  (Read 18330 times)


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Re: Fontan's Surprising Strength
« Reply #120: April 07, 2012, 11:52:40 AM »
A final word from me (cool, I can post to locked topics, never realized that before :-) ):

I do believe in light of this we actually do need an anti-clan policy. We've made our bad experiences, no need to repeat them. I'm not yet sure about the details, but the goal needs to be that no realm is ever controlled by any group of OOC friends, no matter if they call themselves clan, not-clan, classmates, family or whatever.

The best way to ensure that for most cases would be to get more players into the game so realms get larger again. But that's not something that is going to happen within the next few weeks.

Anyone who feels strongly about the issue could take a few hours to think about the topic and then open a topic in Development with a proposal.