Author Topic: The Terran-Kabrinskian Conflict  (Read 88352 times)


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Re: The Terran-Kabrinskian Conflict
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Yup. I OOCly figured we'd lose the first engagement if we didn't get a first strike, and Hireshmont ICly was determined not to make such a strike. But he is now fuming mad at the military types who he sees as having let down Terran.

Kale, and admittedly myself, are more than I little irked. I must have sent 5-6 order letters out (not counting the standing orders that were up the whole time) for about two weeks solid ordering all the Phantarians that war would break out any day and to rally in Lavendrow. WE HAD SEVEN OF THEM NOT IN LAVENDROW WHEN THE KABRINSKIANS HIT. I was upset.

If all of the Phantarians alone, not even counting Lowlanders (even some Lowlanders made it but not all Phantarians; hell the Senator of Larur made it!), had made it to Lavendrow we would have had the larger mobile CS force.

Not to mention the fact Kale goes around boasting about the elite quality of the Phantarians; it is his pride and joy, his everything. And after its first real engagement, Terran's first real war in literally forever, nobody rallies on time, we lose; Kale is the last to leave the field, his unit of 100 archers wiped out, and now he sits hanging onto to dear life with a serious/worsening injury!

Bleh!  >:(
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