Author Topic: The Awakening (Everyone with characters in Dwilight welcome)  (Read 1220 times)


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You open an elegantly scrolled letter inscribed with the Asylon king's insignia.

Nobles of Dwilight,

Since I was a young lad in Golden Farrow, I have followed the teachings of Verdis Elementum. The elements each hold unique influence in the shaping of our world and it is right to acknowledge the significance born of that power. but as experience and insight has been gifted unto me by the beings that are beyond, I have seen what lies behind and the clarity it brings to the foreground of our world.

Verdis Elementum holds  great truth, but it fails to acknowledge the full complexity of this world we inhabit. For to see the elements of nature as gods, and nothing as supreme to these gods,  our world must be rife with chaos.

The unexplainable does exist, I grant this, and because of it I have followed Verdis Elementum seeking to rectify it with the whole truth of our world. However, I have found it irreconcilable. For chaos does not rain supreme in our world, for everyday the sun rises and it sets and every season the fields yield and sit fallow. Order stands above this chaos.

Sanguis Astroism seeks understanding from those great lights of the night. They see them ebb and flow, and the reactions of mortal men. They worship the stars as they travel. But when they see the night sky they see not what lies behind it, what governs over it. Order leads these stars across the sky, and bids them to shine and dim. Sanguis Astroism holds many truths, and leads men to greater understanding, but the Order that stands above chaos, stands above the stars.

There are some beings in this world close to the full understanding of Order, they rest in the Order and grant blessings on those who gain favor. They are neither here nor there, but rest in the comfort between. To these beings respect is owed. But Verdis Elementum acknowledges them not and Sanguis Astroism sees them not.

From this point on, I shall seek to learn from what they have said and are saying. If you seek to take this journey, you must become a pilgrim, and your first pilgrimage shall be to Aspar, for it sits between the land of the enlightened and the land of first blessing.

May all blessings be yours oh pilgrim,

King and Patriarch Moritz Von Igelfeld.
Moritz Von Igelfeld - King of Asylon
Moria Von Igelfeld - Viscountess of Lanston
Ulrich Von Igelfeld - Knight of Remton, Dark Isle Colonist