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Deliberate use of a bug for IC gain.

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Summary:Deliberate use of a bug for IC gain.Violation:Social Contract, §2 Fair Play World:DwilightComplainer:MichaelAbout:Orris
Full Complaint Text:
The realm of Summerdale took over a region a few days ago, Mt Black Nastrod, from the Libero Empire.  Orris Morton was the former lord of the region (he belongs to the Libero Empire).  A bug occurred, and was reported via the bug tracker ( where he remained the region lord, even after the region changed realms and he remained with the Libero Empire.   Just a few moments ago, Orris took advantage of this bug to change the region's allegiance back to that of his realm.   I think this is a clear violation of the second clause of the social contract, from an experienced player (almost 4 years) who should know, even without reading a bug report, that he wasn't supposed to retain lordship after his realm lost the region.

Standing dev-team policy on bugs is that a) the effects of bugs do not get fixed and b) players are expected to play out the consequences of any bugs however they wish.

"Do not exploit bugs to gain in-game advantages. Bring them to the attention of the dev team so we can fix them. If you are not sure if something that seems odd is a bug or not, ask. "

My complaint is of a violation of the social contract, not the dev team policy.

To me this seems like a pretty clear cut case of abusing a bug for your gain, which is very much forbidden. The player needs to be punished.

The dev policy and the social contract don't contradict.

We don't fix it and flip the region back.

We do punish exploitation of the bug.

This is an obvious exploitation of a bug.


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