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Password Problems
« Topic Start: April 30, 2012, 06:23:46 AM »
Posted to forum at request of Tom.

I am having trouble with BattleMaster not recognizing my password the past few days.  The exact situation is that I have just recently switched computers, and as I did not have my password memorized but rather saved on my old browser, I had to reset it.  This worked fine to log in initially, however, when I went to change my password, it told me that I had mistyped my current password.  I reset my password again, and got the same result.  After logging out, I found that I could not log back in with the password that had been e-mailed to me (which had worked just a few minutes prior), nor with the password that I had attempted to change my password to.  I reset my password several more times to get the same result, it worked to log in initially, but not after the initial log in.

I am running Firefox 12 for my browser under Ubuntu (I believe I initially tried on an older version of Firefox under Windows XP, but not sure.  Don't have access to that computer currently).
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