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((OOC. I hope this ok and I haven't screwed up in some way lemme know if i have))

A dark shadow crept silently through the forest. Or at least as silent as the undergrowth would allow. For a girl of her skills Amilia felt incredibly clumsy. The long ancient blade she discovered years ago in the North kept slamming into the tree trunks with low thump. Finally she managed to find a small clearing. The pale light of the moon flooded the glade. Amilia's long fiery red hair wavered in the quite breeze. She glanced around hoping that no one followed her. She knew damn well she should not practice so close to town in the Southern Regions but she had little choice. At least she'd be able to see or hear if anyone was around. She pulled the string letting the cloak drop to the ground. Her body was cladded in light armor of wood and metal. It was far from a conservative look. It covered her chest and waist, small gauntlets covered her forearms but that was about it. She received quite a few whistles from the people on the streets as she passed in such attire. Most of which received swift retribution.

Amilia extended her hand and concentrated.

"Watcher..." she whispered Watcher. A small cloud of mist flickered slowly into existence. Amilia smiled. In her mind's eye she could see vaguely everything the appiration saw.

"Now... Let's try something a little more interesting." She smiled.

She wanted something new this time. She concentrated hard on intent and the basic element. She extended her arm outwards and said a silent prayer hoping she wasn't about to blow herself to bits.
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Filiar opened the door. An aroma of smoke, decaying plants and a sickly sweet smell that had always been in the old alchemists hut. An old alchemist with graying beard turned around and saw a boy with dark hair, green eyes. He recognized his apprentice and said "Filiar, where in the world have you been?" 
Filiar looked down on the floor said "I'm sorry Master Sindir".
"Where were you?" Said Sindir. "Never mind it does not really matter. I have a job that is immensely important!" Filiar looked up with a hopeful smile. Sindir smiled back and said "I need you to go out to the forest and collect some mushrooms for me" Filiar groaned loudly. "Spare me from that" Snapped Sindir "These mushrooms are very important for many alchemical potions. I will need you to gather 20 Blue Entoloma for me, and mind you only pi..."
"Pick the ones that are resting in direct moonlight, i have done this a thousand times" Interrupted Filiar as he opened the door to the Alchemist shop and before Sindir could reply he had closed the door and was already on his way to the forest.

He grumbled and groaned about his master all the way down to the forest. He took a few steps into the large dark trees, however it was like stepping into another world. All the sounds of horses walking, men talking and every similar sound did not reach into the forest. Filiar look around him for a long while, took a deep breath and then he was off to find some mushrooms. He thought to himself, this night might not be so bad after all. When all of a sudden he saw a flash of light and a fire going up through the trees some hundred yards to the south. Filiar groaned again and wondered if he would ever have a normal night, before he started running towards the fire.

A few minutes later he was where the fire had started. By now the fire was reduced to some grass burning, and Filiar quickly stomped those fires out. He did not see anybody in the area and thought to himself, damn brats, whoever started this fire ill find them and ill roast them. Then he saw her, lying on the forest floor, her hair, or what was left of it was red and she wore a light armor of wood and metal. From the looks of things, she must had been in the center of the fire, Filiar thought.

He ran to her and checked her pulse, she was still alive, however some parts of her body was badly burned and Filiar had not thought to bring any healing potions. He did what he could, he moved her to a soft earthen mound with lots of grass and laid her there. Afterwards he bandaged the burned areas of her body before taking a brief rest. Filiar ran back to his master to get some healing potions, he prayed that he would be back with the potions before the girl woke up.

((OOC: this is my first RP, tell me what i should improve on and if i did anything wrong please tell me that too.))


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Amilia opened her eyes and groaned.
"Well...this could've gone better." she muttered to herself as she looked around. The ground around her was scorched. Burns on her arms and legs looked bad but didn't really hurt. I would take a while for them to heal fully. She stood up unsteadily and looked around. It seemed as if no one noticed her exploits yet. Her hand rested on the hilt of her blade. She decided to try it one more time but this time something simpler. She looked around for some appropriate target.

"Sear ..." she concentrated hard on the branch ahead. For a second it sparked and ignited but flame went out pretty quick.

"Sear!" she concentrated harder this time the flame flickered for a little longer but still was not what she'd hoped for.

"Damn you, old man...." she whispered.

Suddenly she'd heard a noise. Someone was coming.

"Ah...hell..." She slunk back into the shadow and summoned the Watcher. In the dim light of the moon the apparition would hardly be seen. She pulled the sword out of the sheath and remained silent just behind the tree trunk. She closed one eye allowing the vision from the ghostly wisp of smoke fill her vision. blurry as it was she could still see a shadow making its way through the tree line. She gripped the blade tighter ready for a battle.