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Summary:OOC slanderViolation:right not to be ooc slanderedWorld:East ContinentComplainer:Kellaine OgrenAbout:Reece Cordon
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Out-of-Character from Nathanial Cordon-D'Anerville   (9 minutes ago)
Message sent to everyone in your realm (47 recipients)
Apparently I'm not allowed to play where I want to play, thanks to the whinings of the Rt.Hon. Jon Paul and co. so I'll be taking leave of this character for a while.

Sorry to the rest of you who have made my time in Fontan great fun, and are genuinely good players. As always its the sad minority who spoil things.

Reece Cordon


And I was not the one that reported him.

Yeah well do a poll in Fontan and you'll find as per the last OOC. realm discussion your aggressive Dragul-Ogren-Hyde pact is ruining the realm.

You slander people on the forum all the time, by contrast my leaving comment was simply the truth about your family power bloc which should be public knowlege.

: You are the minority.
: You are spoiling the realm.
: You do complain.

But please, keep complaining. I honestly do not care.


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