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Lowered Population
« Topic Start: May 22, 2012, 08:29:22 PM »
When population was balanced on Dwilight - after the new estate system was implemented - I understood and agreed with the action. The city of Giask had a population nearing three times larger than all of Sorraine. But when it comes to the Far East, the population re-balance irks me. Ozrat had a population of 10,400, now its below 7,800. Colasan, which is a moderately large city, has a mere population of 9100. Masahakon, the largest city on the continent, has a flimsy population of 22,600, yet on the map it looks massive.

I feel the atmosphere could use a little more flavor, in terms of a more vibrant and populated culture.

Does anyone else agree, or am I crazy?
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