Author Topic: New Estate Buildings Ideas  (Read 7457 times)


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Re: New Estate Buildings Ideas
« Topic Start: June 22, 2012, 05:44:08 PM »
Wouldn't it also make sense to tie the available buildings to the region types? I don't think a mountain region would benefit from a grain mill, for instance.

Will these additions be permanent? I figure that, in the case of a peasant uprising/looting, things should get destroyed (not always, a certain chance).

Lastly, I think regions should be able to work towards two different ends: economy or military. Eg. a more military oriented rural on the border can invest in road management, something to do with scouts and lessened equipment damage (just spitballing), whereas unexposed strongholds could focus on improving their poor production capacities. If not I fear most regions will have some 'optimal', objective building set they can achieve, whereas a dual system would provide subjective choices of management, a deeper layer of strategic developement, ... This wouldn't have to mean a lot is changed to the feature request, just that both military and economic buildings are available for all regions (so far it's only armour/weapons improvements and road crews for the former)