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Re: Faery Tale Online
« Reply #15: July 19, 2012, 05:37:41 PM »
Not sure. I know when you die you get added to the queue, but it does seem like there's been a massive surge in new players signing up to what's otherwise a small game. Happens. :-P I remember when Bay12 bombed a strategy-war party-based Fantasy game and even forged an empire that owned half the world at one point. The creator ended up joining B12 and is now an avid player and B12er bahaha. We practically overloaded his server due to the population explosion, and with all the new arrivals he went into overdrive and unleashed a massive amount of new features in a sequence of updates.

I think if we power-bomb this game, we might spurn some good things. I'd like to get in contact with the creator directly via email this week and see if I can get some information that isn't included in the wiki, as well as mention BM and Bay12 and inquire about the state of the queue. Always good to be inquisitive and make the first move :-) Even if it changes nothing, which is more than likely, I'll get some information and relay it to you folks. I'm pretty sure if all of us send an email respectfully asking about the queue, mentioning we were referred from the BM forums, and thanking them for the game and all that, we'd get some results.

Population explosions in games always give a creator good reason to change things up and add to the system, especially if its a little-known or limited game due to a low population.

That their queue jumped from 115 to 140 and we're only at 97ish means there's not that many players. Or maybe the game is practically dead. Either way, I'm damn sure our pop-surge will be FUN.
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