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Re: Faery Tale Online
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IMO, it's not worth it. The game is dead. The world needs several thousand players to make it really interesting. And there's maybe 100 now. Maybe less. It's essentially a pure RP game. The few mechanics that exist are mostly for making food, and completely useless items. The players almost exclusively use the game for RPing raising families. But there are no mechanics to support it, so they have a strict set of unwritten rules you need to follow, or your character risks getting killed by people who are afraid you'll be a griefer and kill them.

Every time you start a new character, you have to go through RPing the whole stupid "growing up" period again. With *every* character. And then when you have your own kids, you'll have to RP raising them. Every time you have kids. And 3/4s of the kids you have will die of starvation inside of a few days. And half the rest will die of starvation within a few weeks. Because they're not played, because the birth system is retarded.

But, hey, if RPing being a housewife and pretending to raise kids is something that sounds interesting to you, then go for it. Because that's *all* you will do in this game.

This is essentially my feelings. It was funny, I hadn't considered griefing until everyone in the village demanded I stop making simple tools like knife/hammer/needle in fear that I intended to grief. Added to that, I still have no idea who is talking. "little girl" and "adult woman" aren't helpful titles for who is talking when there are 3 or 4 of each.
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