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Battlemaster Wiki Team Proposal
« Topic Start: August 04, 2012, 01:52:39 PM »

I had an idea, now hear me out here I can do the wiki easily but as you may know that's a big battlefield and it will always help to have more people on board for a diverse and helpful wiki. What I propose is the formation of an official wiki team this team works with developers on a low level advisory role to learn and understand updates to the fullest extent so that they as a team can publish the best manuals and information available.

However what is ultimately in demand is the time of this team, people want to only press as much time as they can afford to a volunteer effort. So in the basis of establishing this team what if we offered a incentive to be a part of this team say... a stipend of gold deposited into their family wealth and longer term members of the team depending on their activity may even get bonuses such as family fame, a unique item for the character of their choice etc, from Tom and the staff.

This helps the wiki maintain a current status and gets a team on board to "actively" keep it up to date. The Wiki team would have no powers other than the simple fact of maintaining the wiki to adhere to the information of the current time, and observing the board to ensure it's kept clean and in accordance with the Social Contract and IR.

This team would be headed by a Department head who would report weekly directly to Tom/Dev Team on the activity, what has been updated, modified, problems to ensure activity on the end of the team as well as list names of those on the team who were active and deserve compensation. An example of the report outline would look like this.

Forum Name:Talratheon
Position: Wiki Team
Date: 2012-03-08


Team Members:
Joe Blo
Mary Jane
Jenna Jameson

Assignment: Updating the manual before moving on to other aspects of the wiki, including region descriptions in accordance with in-game descriptions.

Activity: Daily Activity on both IRC and Game and Forums.

  • Joe Blo is currently very active making changes to the security page and behavior page ensuring contributions immensely *link*
  • I currently finished up on the trade wiki page to match the current and also began following up on -pages revolving on the game mechanic of caravans to ensure fluid information.
  • Barbie and Mary Jane are currently inactive, and have made no contributions or maintained contact, will consider removal from wiki team within 3 days if no progress is made.
  • Jenna Jameson made full headway on the new priest class page, having experimented with the class head on and really getting deep into the aspects of priest game play.
So a report would more or less look like that to keep you and whom ever you wished it Cc to involved and knowledgeable of the changes being made.

I think the development of a wiki team will ultimately help the server grown and population base grow as while we are an ever evolving game the information at hand will also be ever growing, and it is paramount that new player can read the manual and quickly learn the play style of the game before getting too frustrated by the lack of help or ignorance of the game.

The wiki team would also monitor obscenities working together to keep all information factual, educational and to the point.

The team would also be responsible for the forum moderation of the wiki forum as well as making weekly announcements on the changes and updates make on the Battlemaster wiki and also answer wiki related questions to the forum member base.

What does everyone think of this idea/proposal?