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Re: Battlemaster Wiki Team Proposal
« Topic Start: August 04, 2012, 06:53:58 PM »
Address the first issue,

the idea of IG compensation would be justified because they are actively contributing to the current and new player base by updating information on a constant basis. You've seen the wiki is that something you really want to tackle for free and if it is how motivated are you to really go out and do it all? The fact it's still unfinished even after I have worked on it for a little bit say alot about the current system. Like the saying goes if it isn't broken don't fix it, and well currently it ain't working so it must be broken.

As for weekly reports I wouldn't say so I'm sure both Tom and the Development will want to know which pages have been updated so they can quickly go to read and verify or tell us to amend it than it sit there possibly flawed and derping people. It also shows the activity of the wiki team when it comes to keeping them on the team. The weekly report is only for the Wiki Team Head to give to Tom/Dev Team. Other than that the wiki team can collaborate among one another on Irc. to work on keeping the wiki up to date and ensure it's fluidity.

And even look at the wiki forum it's empty where as members of the wiki team can make consistent posts updating the player as a whole on a active basis on the updates made.

Furthermore selection of members of the wiki team can be hashed out once this proposal is approved or in the end game denied and we all go back to doing what we do.