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Re: Battlemaster Wiki Team Proposal
« Topic Start: August 04, 2012, 08:20:56 PM »
You've seen the wiki is that something you really want to tackle for free and if it is how motivated are you to really go out and do it all?
Actually, I have. For 6.5 years. I'm fairly certain I have more wiki edits than any other user.

As for weekly reports I wouldn't say so I'm sure both Tom and the Development will want to know which pages have been updated so they can quickly go to read and verify or tell us to amend it than it sit there possibly flawed and derping people.
Just be careful you don't turn it into a job. Things like that, that get turned into a job, quickly grow old as it turns into another daily/weekly grind to hit your benchmark for the week.

And even look at the wiki forum it's empty where as members of the wiki team can make consistent posts updating the player as a whole on a active basis on the updates made.
Go for it. Start updating the wiki. Start posting your updates on the wiki board. There's nothing stopping you from doing that. Put out your call for volunteers on the wiki board, gather yourself a team of people, and get going.

Goodies are fine, and we might add some recognition value to the userpage, something like badges ("dev team member", "wiki team", "forum moderator", "magistrate", etc.)

I do think recognition is important and we've not given it enough stress this far.
I'm all for recognition of player contributions to the game. Just not IC/IG goodies/benefits.
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