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Re: Barca
« Topic Start: March 29, 2011, 04:31:35 PM »
@ Gloria - Laia has recruited a scout from Rettlewood. But nevertheless, things are going a little slower than anticipated. Where Giask received hundreds of new immigrations and births per day, Rettleville only grows with circa 15 peasants a day. But there is hope, Rettlewood recently received 72 new peasants and I hope to align Thysan to our realm. The regions is adjacent to Terran and D'Hara, which hopefully aids in the growth of our total population. I know we can hold on to it because all our estates will be perfect.


Starting a new colony anywhere else wouldn't be any easier. As most of us descend from Giask, Shinnen was no option due to our conflict with Pian en Luries. Flowrestown or Unterstorm are claimed by the Sanguis Astroism as the city of Darfix. And that leaves little to no other options than Rettleville. Due to my relations with Hireshmont we succeeded to create a new realm. And as mention, we have a strong alliance with both Terran and D'Hara which will ensure our survival. Patient is the key to success here I believe. And Gloria, you are our Ambassador, so I guess you already have more to do than most of us.  ;)
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