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Re: History of the Far East Island
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Lasanar attracted malcontents from other realms and turned on Ethiala,  and even though they didn't end up winning anything in the war they managed to kill the ruler in a skirmish (Galiard's more popular cousin, Septimus). Septimus' successor was a Leonidas and I don't have to tell you how that turned out.

Let it go already that was well over 5 years ago, or did the recent attempt at regime change in the "Democratic People's Republic of Cathay" just happen to make that all come crashing back?

To be fair I only inherited what you created, you allowed that Duke in Lasop who could barely speak English to think he could turn the duchy into a "special economic zone" or whatever he called it.  I did manage to follow him to Dwilight and get the whole of Madina to oust him as ruler for his screwing around(not hard).  I had a nice run till it became a daily political intrigue to just log in, we had Arcaea pulling its magnum opus along with the other realms politically reshuffling.  It was a lot of fun.