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Re: History of the Far East Island
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~V~ actually stretched across the entire continent...but the South is where it was strongest.

It has been revived with a hall in  Mnalor of Coralynth and another in the south but can not recall which region.  BUT so far it has been a lack luster attempt to revive it.  Part of the problem is RL time... I just cant delicate the time to making it a living and acting guild.  Back when it was first founded I had my character travel across the entire continent announcing the guild and inviting those with a true warriors spirit to join. 

Eventually it will grow again but not until it has an enemy to fight and other players who are interested in taking it where it needs to go.

Those were the good ole days.  When the Grand Lodge broke free from Soliferum and ~V~ had enough pull to talk its nations into war just to allow the ~V~ warriors to fight.  Then the Chaos Requiem and its evil that needed to be crushed...  Sanctum of Casshern...

I miss that Far East Island...