Author Topic: There are rich pirates in D'Hara  (Read 24160 times)


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Re: There are rich pirates in D'Hara
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The low odds are the reduction in risk it self, would you rather have the risk of being robbed everytime you travel as a priest however hiring guards would make the success rate of successfully being robbed at 5% or just have a 5% chance of ever being robbed. The risk is still the same regardless your argument is illogical respectively.

Looking at it as an equation to hire guards you'd have to increase chances of a robbery occurring, in order to balance out the present equation which would take coding time and a perk that really changes nothing. It's best to let your argument and leave this alone.

I won't insist further on this topic, but all I'm saying is that in games, random elements that affect you negatively are a lot less fun if you have no control over them than if you have at least some control over them. That's why most major games tend to preffer random positive elements rather than random negative elements, it's just more fun. ex: How Civilization used to think about implementing Dark Ages, but after testing implemented Golden Ages instead, as it was more fun for sensibly the same kind of mechanic and effect. BM is a game, games are meant to be fun, and random negative events you have no power over aren't fun. That's all I'm saying. Just knowing this mechanic exists will make some think "Do I turn this month-long trek into a two-month trek, just to reduce the risks?" And that's no fun either, regardless of whether something bad happens or not.
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