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Slice of Life BM
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Because sometimes, some of our characters can get into predictable cycles, or sometimes really unexpected things happen. Feel free to share these moments.

Iksandros stabs a random commoner who happened to be in the same region. He then goes back to contemplating deep ethical questions in order to determine how he can be a good person who always does the right thing.

Leia wonders what the Beamers will have her do next. Recently it has been the annoying Artemis Beamer or something like that who directed most of her actions.

Garret takes a seat.

Gustav Kuriga

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Re: Slice of Life BM
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Akagi sits waiting for the army to move out. He stands up, then sits back down.

Gustav Kuriga sits waiting for the army to move out. The army moves out. He moves with them.

Basically what happened. Gustav just moved out today, otherwise he would be doing the same thing as Akagi.