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Tokyo Jungle
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Have any of you played Tokyo Jungle yet? It cost me $14.99 USD and I have to say, in terms of games and their price compared to quality, best $14.99 I've ever spent. The game has its flaws but for what I paid, I am extremely happy with what I got. I would have payed $30 happily and felt I got my money's worth.

Basically, mankind has vanished and the animals have taken to the streets of Tokyo, you pick one of many animals to choose from, and you survive through savagery and skill. The combat system is impressive, a little hard to learn at first but once you get past the learning curve it becomes fun and something you can actively improve on.

My only major complaint would be that it can't be played online, only local, but local is still great fun. Nothing like playing with your friend and having him starve you to death by eating ALL the food before you can and all he says is (In a cookie monster like voice) "I'm HUUUUUUNGRY!"

If you've played it, what is your favorite animal? I personally think the golden retriever is straight beast but the diary cow is a Bone Thug Gangster. Playing the diary cow and taking down a lion was definitely fun.