Author Topic: Adventurer elevaton to Nobility adjustment  (Read 4176 times)

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Re: Adventurer elevaton to Nobility adjustment
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I look at it from the explained process, nobles are to commoners as commoners are to donkeys. They are tools and barely considered people and for one of those to become a noble from non-royal recommendations. Even in modern interpretations you can get a dozen recommendations yet still not get the job you want or admittance to a school or organization because in the end it's only a recommendation to be shown to another for interpretation or acceptance.

Even considering the lowest of recommendations say a advie gets three recommendations from mere knights with borderline honor and prestige while noble it would be far more impressive to see an advie with three to five recommendations from mostly Lords and Dukes then reaches a King to be considered or spit upon and laughed about in court.

Not to mention I think a King should have a say in the process of a common born being elevated to peerage in his/her realm. Rather than pleasing three knights and suddenly popping up on a radar as a noble equal all of a sudden, it makes the claim sound questionable in any respect of medieval peerage. However for the Throne to emerge and beset a claim of nobility over a man/women is far more legitimate and unquestionable to the nobility of a Realm and could even be interpreted as being ''Knighted''.